If you are a fan of Hamlet and motorcycles, you probably have seen the show Sons of Anarchy. The F/X show created by Kurt Sutter has been a critics darling, and fans have been clamoring to know when the next season would begin. Their cries were answered a few days ago as F/X announced that the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy will premiere on September 10th with a ninety-minute episode. It should be a fun time, but in the meantime, let’s talk about the vessels that keep our bikes safe on the road: motorcycle trailers.

Types of Motorcycle Trailers

If you travel a lot with your customized bike or you participate in bike shows, you probably don’t want to have the bike make that journey on its own. A customized bike will quickly depreciate with the wear and tear of the open road, and you run the risk of damaging it or worse. Motorcycle trailers are a viable way to transport your bike, but which should motorcycle trailer should you buy?

Open Flatbed Trailers

Open flatbed trailers are a good option if your budget is a little tight, and your bike is not a show bike. It will provide you with a viable way to transport your bike, and it will seemingly do much better with gas mileage as it will weigh less than an enclosed trailer.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

An enclosed motorcycle trailer may be more expensive than an open flatbed trailer, but it will provide many more potential benefits to discourage depreciation and ensure security. It will protect your motorcycle from the elements, and it will provide more protection than an open flatbed trailer from theft. If you have an expensive customized bike that you really care about, an enclosed trailer is a worthwhile investment.

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