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Custom Built Trailers Come with More Options Than You Think

Jul 31, 2015

What does your dream trailer look like? Chances are good that it looks a little bit nicer than the standard trailers you see for sale at dealerships. That’s why custom built trailers are so popular. Many people who spend a lot of time hauling a trailer or using one for their work or hobbies wish they could make some changes to itβ€”but few realize just how many options custom trailers really offer.


Here are just a few of the options that customization entails:


  • Start with any kind of trailer you want – A custom built trailer begins with a standard trailer frame and proceeds from there. Both enclosed trailers and utility trailers can be customized, giving you ultimate versatility in what the finished product looks like.
  • Design to your specifications – Are you looking to make a custom built hauler for your motorcycles? A better moving stall for your prized horse? A customized work trailer complete with a mini shop in the back? No matter what your vision of the ideal trailer is, the customization process can make it a reality. Custom trailers come in all shapes and sizes.

work trailer


  • Tool racks or cabinets – One of the most popular additions to any trailer is custom cabinetry. This can include racks that hold large tools securely in place or enclosed chests, boxes, and cabinets built into the trailer. These can be positioned along one side, both sides, the far end of the trailer or all three. Some people also prefer to have a work bench (fold-down or fixed) installed in the trailer, as well, so that they have a space to do their work inside the trailer and out of the weather.
  • Custom flooring – There are a variety of flooring/trailer bed materials available. Two of the most popular upgrades are diamond plate trailer flooring and checkerboard trailer flooring, both of which provide a durable, no-slip surface that is stylish at the same time.
  • Custom lighting – You may want clear overhead lighting, task lighting over a workbench, or other kinds of lighting to suit the way you use your trailer. Custom trailers can include ultra-efficient LED lights that minimize battery drain but give bright, clear light wherever you need it.
  • Furnishings – Trailers aren’t always for work and storage alone. They can be customized to contain pull-down beds for sleeping on the road, or even full couches and tables for meals, planning meetings and more.

What do you want in your custom trailer? Check out our options and get the exact trailer you want at All Pro Trailer Superstore today!

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