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What Are Some Factors that Affect a Trailer Trade-In?

Oct 23, 2013

At the Trailer Superstore, we see people from all over the country seeking a new or used trailer at a price that they can afford. One of the ways they often will finance their trailers is through a trailer trade-in. Whether you come to the Trailer Superstore or you fill out theĀ trailer trade-in formĀ online, the amount you’re offered on your trade-in will be dependent on a number of different factors. While we will certainly offer you the most we can so you can get your hands on thatĀ used trailerĀ you’ve always wanted, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Trailers Do Depreciate

The amount of money you spent on your trailer will not be the same you’re offered for your trailer. Just as with a car, a trailer will depreciate every year it’s in use. Generally, it will depreciate 20% from the first year and ten percent every year thereafter, but this really depends on the overall condition of the trailer and the wear and tear it’s been through.

What Condition are the Parts and Interior/Exterior In?

Will your trailer pass PA inspection or whatever state you live in?Ā  If not, how much will it cost to replace the brakes or tires to get it up to the standards we require of all of our used trailers? These numbers will affect the overall offer we give you for your trailer. The amount of money we have to put in on new parts and repairs will generally be heavily considered in our valuation.

Is Your Trailer in Demand?

Part of the reasoning in our valuation of your trailer will be whether or not we can resell it or if it will require some time on our lot to find the right customer. For example, aluminum trailers are more popular than steel right now, and any strange colors or customization work may diminish the ability for us to sell the trailer in a timely manner. If your trailer is hot, you’ll get more value for it.

Does the Trailer Have a Warranty?

This is another bonus that can earn you more money if you have it. If you are selling your trailer after a year or so and it still has time left on the original manufacturer’s warranty, this will certainly work in your advantage as it will give potential buyers a safety net.


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