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What Are Trailer Jacks?

Trailer jacks work much in the same way that vehicle jacks work — using hydraulic pressure, they make it possible to lift a heavy load with ease. Use a trailer jack to raise your trailer when hitching it to a vehicle. Not all trailers require jacks, but if you frequently load and unload a boat or heavy enclosed trailer, they can be vital.

Whereas car jacks are movable, most trailer jacks attach directly to a trailer frame. As a result, the type of frame your trailer has — as well as the size of the load you’ll be lifting — both play an important role when choosing a trailer jack. Below, we’ll summarize four of the most popular types.

Trailer Jack Types

Trailer jacks range from standard models capable of lifting lighter loads to heavy-duty models that provide extra support when coupling and uncoupling, or during storage. Manual trailer jacks require hand operation, whereas electric trailer jacks are automatic. Some of the more common types of trailer jacks available in our online store include:

  • A-frame trailer jacks, that weld or bolt on to a standard A-frame style coupler
  • Swivel trailer jacks that mount to the side of a trailer’s frame and swing upwards for convenient storage when not in use
  • Drop leg jacks with retractable square legs that overlap when extended, providing extra support when side loading
  • Stabilizer jacks that mount to the bottom of a trailer’s frame and retract when pushed down

Different models serve different purposes — choosing the best trailer jack requires careful consideration of your application, as well as the size of the load you’ll be carrying, the conditions you’ll be carrying it in, and the design of the trailer itself.

Benefits of a Trailer Jack

Trailer jacks are necessary when lifting or lowering a heavy load. They ensure safe operation, keeping the risk of accident and injury to a minimum. When used properly, they also stop your trailer from rolling away when not attached to a vehicle and distribute its weight more evenly to prevent other unsafe situations.

While jacks are important, a poorly installed or low-quality trailer jack can do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to work with a company you can trust. All Pro Trailer Superstore specializes exclusively in trailers and trailer accessories. We can match you with the right jack for your trailer, and assist with installation, maintenance and more.

Installing a Trailer Jack

Trailer jacks typically either bolt or weld onto a trailer frame. Weld-on models offer extra strength, stability and peace of mind. However, installing them is often beyond the scope of a DIY job.

Either way, All Pro Trailer Superstore can help. For a small additional fee, we can professionally install your trailer jack in our Mechanicsburg, PA shop. Our technicians have extensive experience working with all makes and models of trailers and jacks — including both electric and manual, bolt-on and weld-on models.

When to Replace Your Trailer Jack

A trailer jack is a small part, but it’s one that gets used every time you couple and uncouple your trailer. Like any trailer component, jacks are prone to wear and tear. Excessive rust and other damage are signs that you’re due for a replacement.

All Pro Trailer Superstore can inspect your trailer jack as part of preventative maintenance service. We’ll let you know when replacement is necessary and, if it is, help you select the model that will deliver the best long-term performance.

Get in touch to request an appointment or learn more about any of the trailer jacks for sale in our online store.

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