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Customize your Trailer with Trailer Lighting

At the Trailer Superstore, we offer complete customization services, including a wide range of high quality and versatile trailer lighting solutions. With any type of cargo trailer, and any type of need, we’ll have the right trailer lighting for sale to get the job done for you. For your enclosed trailer, you may be looking for interior trailer lighting giving you a mobile work center and shop for your racing gear, for example. Or maybe you need the right exterior trailer lighting, or you’re looking to turn your trailer into a comfortable lounge or man-cave for tailgating and events. Whatever it is, we have you covered with a complete range of trailer lighting options. When you want to customize your trailer, the Trailer Superstore will be there for you. Call us today at 800.622.7003 to learn more about our customization services and the wide range of trailer lighting solutions we have available.

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Trailer Safety Lights

According to the AAA’s Digest of Motor Laws website, in Pennsylvania, “trailers and semitrailers do not have to be equipped with headlamps. All trailer and semitrailer vehicles operated on a highway must be equipped with a rear lighting system including but not limited to rear lamps, rear reflectors, stop lamps, and a license plate light.”

If your trailer doesn’t have lights, or if they’re burned out or broken, timely replacement is essential. Registering your trailer tags requires a trailer inspection, and checking the lights is part of that.

Fortunately, All Pro Trailer Superstore can supply and install trailing lighting that meets PA standards for highway use. We carry replacement parts for all major trailer makes and models — if we don’t have the bulb or light you need in stock, we can rush order it for a speedy replacement.

Custom Trailer Lights

Of course, for many, lighting is more than a legal requirement — it’s a way of putting a unique stamp on a trailer. It also has several potential benefits and applications. Interior trailer lighting, for example, can provide:

  • Functionality: There are many ways to use lighting in your trailer — from creating a mobile workspace to lighting up a tailgate party. Whatever your specific needs, All Pro Trailer Superstore can match you with a custom solution that works for you.
  • Convenience: It’s always easier to find the items you need with the lights on. For example, if you’re a landscaper or construction worker arriving at a job site in the early morning, good trailer lighting is more than just a nice benefit — it’s essential to getting your day started with the right tools.
  • Safety: A well-lit trailer is a safer one — particularly if you often have loose tools or other items lying around. Give yourself and your team the visibility you need to move safely in your trailer with a lighting system by All Pro Trailer Superstore.

Lighting Options

We can provide both incandescent and LED trailing lighting systems. LED lights cost more initially, but they last longer and consume less electricity than incandescent bulbs. They’re also generally more rugged and better suited for use in rough conditions.

To learn more about your trailer lighting options, contact our service department directly. We have a wide range of products in stock and would be happy to match you with the right combination of items for your trailer.

Lighting Installation and Inspections

All Pro Trailer Superstore is your partner for all your sales and service needs. We perform all lighting work on-site in our shop, where a team of experienced professionals completes all work to the highest standard of excellence. After the initial installation, we can perform lighting checks as part of a standard maintenance or PennDOT inspection.

Book an appointment for service or explore our full selection of trailer lighting for sale by contacting All Pro Trailer Superstore today.

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