Snow Plows for Sale

SnowDogg Plows For Sale

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The Trailer Superstore carries many of the latest and best SnowDogg snow plows. SnowDogg makes a variety of different models, all of which are geared towards different applications, sizes and needs, and all of which provide great quality and performance. A few of the popular models of snow plows from SnowDogg include the SnowDogg TE, with their trip edge design, the heavy duty V-plow design of the SnowDogg VXF, and the SnowDogg XP, with an expanding wing design For home usage and light commercial needs, consider the SnowDogg MD series for smaller trucks and SUVs. From there, the VMD, HD and EX series increase in weight and size for larger vehicles and applications. If you have any questions about the SnowDogg snow plows we have available, or anything else, feel free to stop by the showroom or simply call us today at 800.622.7003.



NEW! SnowDogg MD Snow Plows The MD plow takes all the great features of the EX series and puts them on your SUV and light duty trucks

Features & Benefits

MD 6′ 6″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

MD 6′ 8″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

MD 7′ 6″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

MD 8′ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing



NEW! SnowDogg XP Snow Plows Hydraulically expanding wings add a full 24″ to your plowing width

Features & Benefits  

XP 8′ to 10′ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing 



NEW! SnowDogg TE Snow Plows The SnowDogg TE Series Plows bring the best of the HD/EX Series to a reliable trip edge design

Features & Benefits  

TE 7′ 6″ Snow Plows – $Call for Pricing

TE 8′ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing    



NEW! SnowDogg VX Snow Plows   The VX takes the reliable construction of the EX Plow & packages it in a heavy duty V-Plow for 3/4T and larger trucks

Features & Benefits

VX 8′ 6″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

VX 9′ 6″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing



NEW! SnowDogg HD/EX Snow Plows 70° attack angle for excellent scraping, rolling and throwing action • Stainless steel corrosion free moldboard • 1/4″ Laser cut steel ribs • Covered power unit and hydraulics • Quick attach/detach mounting • Lift Arm – 35 degree travel provides exceptional snow stacking • 4 Stress-optimized trip springs • Contoured lift frame • Adjustable/removable jack stand

Features & Benefits

HD 7′ 5″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

EX 7′ 5″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

EX 8′ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

EX 8′ 5″ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

EX 9′ Snow Plow – $Call for Pricing

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