Updated April 25, 2019

One of the best parts of being located in Mechanicsburg, PA, is our close proximity to Carlisle and the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Each year, we get to meet new and old friends who share with us their love of automobiles — from classic collector models to the newest race cars in the industry. The Trailer Superstore has everything from open car trailers and enclosed car trailers to accessories like trailer jackstie-downshitches and more, and we are happy to serve visitors from all around the country and world who come to Carlisle Events shows. The next exciting Carlisle event is just around the corner.

From April 24 to April 28, Carlisle Events will host Spring Carlisle, a fun-filled weekend event that brings car collectors and enthusiasts together to buy, sell and explore classic cars. This event boasts one of the largest automotive flea markets in the world, featuring everything from collectibles and memorabilia to classic cars and automotive accessories. Guests will also enjoy a massive car corral and the opportunity to purchase vehicles of nearly any make, model and condition, directly from the owner.

Some other highlights of Spring Carlisle 2019 will include:

  • A collector car auction: A two-day auction will be held by Carlisle Auctions on April 25 and 26, featuring more than 500 collector cars. The auction will take place at the Carlisle Expo Center, located just across the street from the Fairgrounds.
  • Manufacturers Midway: Browse 82 acres of vendors selling all things automotive at Spring Carlisle’s massive flea market and Manufacturers Midway. The flea market will offer vehicles, parts, accessories and a variety of other treasures to discover.
  • ARMO Hot Products Showcase: Guests who are passionate about classic car restoration can view the latest and greatest restoration products available today. The Hot Products Showcase is presented by the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO), a Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA) council whose aim is to promote and preserve automotive restoration as an industry and as a hobby.
  • Women’s Oasis: For spouses who may not be so car-inclined but still want to share the event with their significant other, the Women’s Oasis tent includes vendors selling books, clothes, cosmetics, crafts, cookware and other unique items.

With 8,100 spaces of vendors at the Spring Carlisle flea market and car corral, you probably won’t go home empty-handed this weekend. But if you end up with more cars than you can haul, All Pro Trailer Superstore is right down the road to provide a reliable and affordable trailer to get your new car home safely.

Car Show Trailers From All Pro Trailer Superstore

The Trailer Superstore is excited to support classic car owners and enthusiasts on their way to the car show, during the car show or afterward with a range of trailer options, services and accessories. Whether you are bidding on a vintage Chevrolet or bringing your old beater to sell at the car corral, the Trailer Superstore has a trailer for the job. We offer open and enclosed trailers for antique auto transport, as well as custom classic car haulers to fit your needs and your style:

  • Open car trailers: Our open car trailers let you show off your vintage muscle car, while transporting it safely to or from the car show. We offer open car trailers in a variety of sizes and styles, with different features to meet your needs. The Trailer Superstore sells full deck and open deck models from the top car trailer manufacturers — including Big Tex Trailers, Car Mate Trailers, Premier Trailers and Carry-On Trailers. Our open car trailers are available with removable fenders, slide-in ramps, beavertails and full-tilt options, so you can find the right trailer for your ride.
  • Enclosed car trailers: If you want to protect your classic car from dirt and rain, an enclosed trailer will keep your car sparkling clean no matter how far you travel. Enclosed car trailers from All Pro Trailer Superstore are available in a variety of sizes and colors, all with convenient side doors and ramps for easy loading and unloading. Our enclosed car trailers represent the best brands — including Diamond Cargo, Homesteader Trailers and Covered Wagon Trailers. Whether you want to keep your show car in pristine condition or protect your new purchase from the elements, an enclosed car trailer from the Trailer Superstore will get the job done.
  • Custom car trailers: The Trailer Superstore makes it easy to customize your antique car hauler to match your style and your needs. While many of our enclosed car trailers are already available in bright red, sleek black and other color options, our custom car trailers take it one step further with options for patterned flooringlighting systems, pull-down seating and more. We can install custom shelving or storage units, as well as tie-downs designed to secure your vintage car effectively. With a wide variety of trailer accessories for sale, All Pro Trailer Superstore can help you create the trailer of your dreams.

Our massive inventory includes both new and used trailers from all the top manufacturers so that you can find a high-quality car show trailer at an affordable price. If you have an old trailer that you are looking to upgrade, you can save even more when you trade-in your trailer at Trailer Superstore. We pay top dollar for used trailers so that you can invest in the custom trailer of your dreams for your next classic car purchase.

Classic car trailers from All Pro Trailer Superstore meet the highest quality and durability standards, so you can trust them to transport your cars safely for years to come.

Why Use a Trailer to Transport Your Classic Car?

As a classic car owner, you know an antique car is a piece of art, whether it is a flashy Mustang or sleek Thunderbird. You invest time and money in restoring, maintaining and cleaning your classic car to keep it in pristine condition — so you should protect it properly during transportation, too.

Driving your classic car to and from the car show exposes it to damage from the elements, as well as putting unnecessary miles on your vintage ride. If you park in the wrong place at a rest stop or have a run-in with a reckless driver, your vintage Ford could end up with unwanted dings or scratches. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in an antique car hauler for your classic car:

  • Defense against the elements: Your classic car can be exposed to many damaging elements during transportation — including rain, bugs, bird droppings, pebbles and tree sap, to name a few. If you just washed or waxed your car in preparation for the show or auction, don’t risk damaging your pristine paint job and shiny finish on the ride there.
  • Protection from accidents: The last thing any antique car owner wants to think about is the possibility of their car getting hit by another driver. However, no matter how safely you drive or cautiously you park, accidents can still happen when you take your classic car out on the road. Transporting your vintage vehicle on a trailer greatly reduces the risk of scrapes, dents or dings from an accident.
  • Less wear and tear on your car: When you transport your classic car on an open or enclosed trailer, you do not put any more miles on it or run the risk of a breakdown. Driving your car a long distance to an event can cause wear and tear that could eventually damage your antique vehicle.
  • Excellent security options: Whether you use an open or enclosed car trailer, All Pro Trailer Superstore can supply effective tie-down systems designed specifically for your vehicle. We offer metal d-ring tie-downs in various sizes and configurations for use with any style of car trailer. For enclosed trailers, the Trailer Superstore can install versatile e-tracking tie-down systems that are convenient and effective at securing your vehicle and any other accessories you want to bring along.
  • A little extra flair: An added bonus of choosing an enclosed trailer for your vintage auto transport is getting to enjoy a big reveal. As you pull up to the car show, guests will wonder what kind of classic beauty you have hiding inside your trailer. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as driving out of your trailer into a crowd of impressed onlookers and potential buyers.

If you are taking your car to Carlisle Spring or are hoping to make a purchase this weekend, consider transporting it safely and securely in a trailer from All Pro Trailer Superstore. You’ll rest easy knowing your investment is protected from damage and will be shiny and clean when you arrive.

Classic Car Trailer Repairs and Inspections

Perhaps you already have a trailer. All Pro Trailer Superstore can ensure your trailer is in great working order to get you to and from Spring Carlisle without any issues. The last thing you need is to miss the bidding on the car you’ve been eyeing because your trailer broke down on the way to the auction. Our professional team offers trailer inspection and repair services for new or used trailers of any size, make or model. We are equipped to handle nearly any trailer repair or service job — from brake inspections to axle repairs.

Here are just a few of the trailer inspection and repair services we offer:

  • Tires and wheels: Our technicians will check and correct your tire pressure and inspect your tires and wheels for wear and tear. If you get a flat on your way to the car show, we can provide a spare tire to get you back on the road quickly.
  • Hub and drum: Even more important than getting fresh tires, servicing your trailer hub and drum ensures your trailer will get to the auction safely. Our team can grease all grease fittings or replace your wheel hub when it’s time for a new one.
  • Axle and suspension: Keep your trailer riding smoothly with a complete inspection of the suspension system. Our technicians can perform an alignment to keep your classic car secure and protect your trailer from damage.
  • Brakes: Our team can perform a safety inspection to make sure all components of your brake system function correctly, including the brake magnets, brake lines, brake cylinders and brake wiring. We can adjust and tune the brakes as necessary to keep you and your classic car safe.
  • Trailer lights: Make sure your trailer is seen on the road by servicing your trailer lighting system. Our technicians can inspect your brake lights and replace any bulbs as necessary.
  • Breakaway system: Your breakaway system is an essential safety feature of your trailer — especially when you are transporting a valuable collectible car. Our technicians can inspect and repair your breakaway system, including the battery, switch, pin and cable, to protect your investment in case of an accident.
  • Trailer repairs: Bringing your trailer in for a preventative servicing is always a better option than waiting for a problem to occur. However, if you do find yourself in need of a repair during your visit to Carlisle, the Trailer Superstore can provide prompt and effective trailer repairs. Just give us a call at 800-622-7003 to set up an appointment with our trailer technicians.

Our service team has experience working with all top models of classic car haulers and uses only the best parts to repair and service your trailer. When you bring your trailer in for a servicing, our team will inspect all components, check the condition of wearable parts, look for any leaks, lubricate all parts and advise you on replacements or repairs that may be necessary. With transparent pricing and a dedication to providing great customer service, our team can help you keep your trailer in top condition at an affordable rate.

High-Quality Antique Car Haulers for Your Dream Classic Car

If you are just visiting the car show this year but would like to participate in the future, All Pro Trailer Superstore is your destination for top-notch car show trailers for your dream classic car. Stop by our trailer showroom in Mechanicsburg to browse our extensive inventory of open and enclosed car trailers and trailer accessories. With more than 1,000 trailers of all sizes and models, our collection may inspire you to spend all afternoon exploring.

Whether you are planning to purchase your first vintage vehicle or want to take your car to a show for the first time, our team at the Trailer Superstore can help you select a classic car trailer that fits your car, your needs and your budget. With trailer financing options and generous warranty policies, we make it easy to find the perfect trailer for your dream antique car.

While you’re in Carlisle, if you’re in need of a new car trailer or just want to see the latest products in our showroom, such as antique car haulers for sale, we encourage you to make a stop at the Trailer Superstore. We are only a short 15-minute drive away, down US 11 and just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Our knowledgeable staff can show you a new or used trailer and provide help with anything that you might need.

We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend when you come to the Spring Carlisle car event. For more information about Trailer Superstore and to see the latest trailers in our showroom, please check out our trailers for sale.