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Taking Good Care of Your Trailer

May 19, 2015

Owning a trailer for towing a boat, hauling landscape equipment or any other reason requires you to take good care of it.  A lot of people focus on the contents of what they’re hauling on a regular basis, but forget that they need to properly maintain their trailer in order to avoid accidents.  Some trailer owners do realize that they need to fix up parts of their trailer but this is usually after something has already broken or they aren’t sure where to begin with inspecting their trailer to make sure everything is working and up to snuff.

Let’s go over some of the places that you should be checking on a weekly basis when using your trailer to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Regularly Check Wiring and Brake Lights

Before you pull out and get driving, make sure all of your lights are working so that drivers following you know when you want to turn or are slowing down.  It is also a good idea to regularly check the wires and make sure none of them are fraying, have been tampered with by animals or are damaged because of the weather.

Inspect Brakes

If you’re towing a small trailer this may not be an issue, but on bigger trailers it certainly will be.  Inspect your trailer’s brakes regularly to ensure they aren’t rusting or close to breaking.  When you’re hauling a large trailer with a heavy load it’s important to have well-functioning brakes so you can stop as fast as possible.

Check Your Trailer Hitch

Regularly inspect your trailer hitch to make sure it isn’t rusting anywhere and that it is still secure.  It is also prudent to check the rear of your vehicle and make sure it is in good condition before hauling heavy loads.  There is a lot of stress put on here when towing a trailer and over time it will take its toll.

Clean the Inside of Your Trailer

A lot of bigger trailers used for hauling ATVs and other equipment are enclosed.  If you’re considering enclosed trailers, make sure their floor is durable and can handle the weight you will be putting on them.  It’s also a smart idea to regularly clean this floor to keep it clean from gas and oil leaks.  Both can fill the trailer with noxious fumes and eat away at the durability of the trailer.

Inspect Your Tires

Don’t forget to regularly check the tread on your trailer’s tires just like you would with your vehicle.  Having good traction on your trailer especially in adverse weather conditions is vital to maintaining control of it and preventing it from drifting left and right while hauling it.

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