Trailer Wheels

All Pro stocks Aluminum Trailer Wheels, Steel Trailer Wheels and Chrome Trailer Wheels for sale in various sizes and styles.  Choose your Custom Trailer Wheel size below to view more styles and finishes.  Mounting is available at our TRAILER SUPERSTORE by appointment.  To schedule an appointment, please call (800) 622-7003.  Prices are carry-out only – Installation additional.

14″ Trailer Wheels

15″ Trailer Wheels

16″ Trailer Wheels 

Bolt Pattern Template     HOW TO DETERMINE BOLT PATTERN Match wheels to the hub by number of bolts and bolt circle. To determine the bolt circle on wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure center-to-center on bolt holes directly across from each other on the diameter (example: 8 on 6.5 would mean 8 bolt holes with 6.5 center-to-center diameter). On odd number bolt wheels, measure any bolt hole center to the point halfway between bolt holes on the diameter ( Example: 5 on 4.5 would mean 5 bolt holes with 4.5 measure to a point halfway between the opposite bolts).



HOW TO DETERMINE WHEEL OFFSET Offset is the distance between the mounting face of the disc and rim centerline. INSET: Refers to the distance when the mounting face is outboard of the rim centerline. OUTSET: Refers to the distance when the mounting face is inboard of the rim centerline.

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