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5x8 Landscape Premier 5x8 Landscape Utility Trailer For Sale Trailer Superstore (4)
Price: $899.00
Multi-Car Hauler p-2920-big-tex-51-heavy-duty-multi-car-hauler-or-wedge-trailer-2.jpg
Price: $15,999.00
7x12 Heavy Duty Dump Bri Mar Dump Trailer 7x12 (7)
Price: $8,699.00
8.5x20 Aluminum Car Hauler 8.5x20 Cargo Pro Stealth Car Hauler (3)
Price: $8,699.00
5x10 Landscape 5x10 Premier Utility Trailer (1)
Price: $999.00
6x14 Landscape p-6175-6-x-14-landscape-trailers-570x3891[1]
Price: $1,699.00
7x16 Ultimate Dump p-10580-b-wise_7x16_ultimate_dump_trailer_5_.jpg
Price: $12,999.00
Ding & Dent Ding & Dent 7x14 Covered Wagon Enlcosed Cargo Trailer (2)
Price: $3,999.00
6X10 Landscape 6x10 Premier Landscape Utility Trailer For Sale Mechanicsburg PA (1)
Price: $1,299.00
14' Big Tex Dump p-6080-dscn4527.jpg
Price: $6,499.00
6x12 Low Profile Dump p-2218-6x12-bri-mar-dump-trailer-for-sale-pa-5.jpg
Price: $5,199.00
7x16 V-Nose Cargo p-1917-7x14-american-hauler-barn-doors-cargo-trailer-3.jpg
Price: $4,299.00
6x10 Dump p-4189-dump-trailer-gravity-down.jpg
Price: $4,099.00
6x12 Dump Trailer p-6088-big-tex-12-dump-trailer-with-combo-gate-ladder-ramps.jpg
Price: $6,299.00
7x14 Heavy Duty Dump p-3666-dscn2666.jpg
Price: $7,899.00
Solid Sides p-3500-big-tex-landscape-trailers-for-sale.jpg
Price: $1,799.00
Price: $4,399.00
14' Gooseneck Dump p-8731-14gx_big_tex_14_6_.jpg
Price: $7,699.00
7x16 Heavy Duty p-3306-heavy-duty-dump-trailer_3.jpg
Price: $8,199.00
Motorcycle Package 7x14 Diamond Cargo Motorcycle Package (10)
Price: $4,999.00
6x18 Landscape Premier 6x18 Landscape Utility Trailer For Sale Trailer Superstore (1)
Price: $2,599.00
18' Equipment Trailer 14ET-18 Big Tex Equipment Trailer (1)
Price: $3,999.00
12' Dump Trailer 7x12 Advantage Series (1)
Price: $5,899.00
14' Dump Trailer 7CAM614 HEAVY DUTY DUMP TRAILER (5)
Price: $8,999.00
5x8 Aluminum Ramp Door p-10504-5x8_atc_aluminum_trailer_3_.jpg
Price: $2,999.00
Full Tilt p-2493-18-equipment-trailer-with-full-hydraulic-tilt-4.jpg
Price: $5,499.00
14' Dump Trailer 7x14 Cam Superline Advantage Series (1)
Price: $6,799.00
6x12 Aluminum Cargo p-8524-cargo-pro-6x12-standard-height-4.jpg
Price: $3,799.00
7X14 Motorcycle Trailer ATC 7x14 MOTORCYCLE PACKAGE (4)
Price: $7,499.00
20' Full Tilt p-2199-big-tex-8-x-20-equipment-trailer-4.jpg
Price: $5,599.00
16' Dump Trailer 7x16_cam_superline_dump_trailer_1_
Price: $8,499.00
20' Aluminum Deckover 8.5X20 Cargo Pro Aluminum Deckover (1)
Price: $6,999.00
7X14 Motorcycle Trailer 7x14 ATC Raven Motorcycle Package (4)
Price: $8,999.00
8.5x25 Gooseneck p-5743-gooseneck-equipment-trailer.jpg.jpg
Price: $6,799.00
Heavy Duty Equipment 25CAM829TA CAM SUPERLINE (6)
Price: $20,999.00
22' Aluminum Deckover 8.5x22 Cargo Pro Aluminum Deckover (5)
Price: $7,799.00
7x14 Aluminum V-Nose p-2938-7-x-14-aluminum-cargo-trailer-tandem-axle-with-v-nose-and-ramp-door-7.jpg
Price: $6,499.00
14k Gooseneck p-10173-big_tex_14gn-20_5_deckover_gooseneck_trailer_5_.jpg
Price: $7,199.00
24' Car Hauler p-10050-8.5x24_car_mate_custom_cargo_8_.jpg
Price: $9,299.00
6x12 Aluminum p-8325-6x12_cargo_pro_enclosed_trailer_8_.jpg
Price: $3,999.00
7X14 Snowmobile Trailer 7X14 ATC SNOWMOBILE TRAILER (11)
Price: $8,499.00
8.5x30 Gooseneck p-10179-big_tex_14gn-25_5_deckover_equipment_trailer_4_.jpg
Price: $7,699.00
7x16 Ramp Door p-6975-carry-on-7-x-16-enclosed-trailer-for-sale-ramp-door.jpg.jpg
Price: $4,299.00
7x14 V-Nose p-7159-7-x-14-v-nose-cargo-trailer.jpg.jpg
Price: $3,999.00
8.5x20 Aluminum p-8118-8.5x20-all-aluminum-atc-enclosed-1-570x389.jpg
Price: $9,499.00
8.5x33 Gooseneck 22GN BIG TEX 28 MEGA RAMP TRAILER (7)
Price: $10,499.00
7x18 Equipment p-1674-18-equipment-trailers-1.jpg
Price: $3,299.00
8.5x12 Snowmobile Trailer p-9492-23277_8__1.jpg
Price: $4,299.00
24' Custom Aluminum 8.5x24_atc_quest_305_11_
Price: $22,999.00
Big Tex Gooseneck 22gn_big_tex_gooseneck_mega_ramps_4_
Price: $10,799.00
Price: $2,999.00
8.5x12 Aluminum Hybrid p-7699-8.5x20-american-hauler-all-sport-snowmobile-trailer-for-sale-10-570x389_1.jpg
Price: $4,499.00
24' CH405 Package ATC CH405 Car Hauler Package (1)
Price: $24,999.00
40' Gooseneck p-2803-40-gooseneck-deckover-equipment-trailer-heavy-duty-6.jpg
Price: $10,999.00
8.5x24 10K-GVW 8.5x24 Covered Wagon Trailer (9)
Price: $6,599.00
Price: $2,199.00
24' Stacker 8.5x24 ATC Aluminum Stacker (7)
Price: $44,999.00
40' Gooseneck 22gn_big_tex_35_5_6_
Price: $11,499.00
7X14 Cargo look_trailers_7x14_dual_axle_3_
Price: $3,999.00
7X16 Ramp Door 7X16 US CARGO V-NOSE RAMP DOOR (1)
Price: $4,499.00

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New & Used Trailers for Sale

All Pro is our name – Trailer Superstore is who we are! One location to serve you locally or nationwide. We service PA, MD, VA, NJ, NY and New England with all of their trailer and towing needs on a daily basis; however All Pro trailers can be found at homes and businesses throughout the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. View our Customer Testimonials here to find out more about why so many choose us when they’re in need of a new or used trailer!

All Pro Trailer Superstore offers hundreds of new & used trailers for sale to meet every need and budget. Browse our online Superstore for brand new trailers on clearance – including leftovers, demo’s and closeouts, quality used trailers for sale; brand new car trailers; enclosed cargo trailers; landscape and utility trailers; dump trailers and equipment trailers. We also carry a wide variety of toy trailers – including ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle trailers to custom car haulers, aluminum car trailers and race car trailers.

If you’re looking for new and used enclosed trailers for sale or car trailers, but not finding precisely what you want … then consider our quality Car Mate trailers for sale, which are fully customizable and can be individually built to meet your personal needs. We are also a proud trailer dealer of US Cargo Trailers, American Hauler, Homesteader , ATC Trailers and Carry-On Trailers. In fact, we are Car Mate Trailers’ Number #1 trailer dealer in the nation. We also stock top of the line trailers by manufacturers such as Big Tex Trailers, Premier Trailers and Bri-Mar Trailers.

Why travel from dealer to dealer? Our Trailer Superstore is your one stop shop for all your trailer and towing accessories needs. We can install your trailer hitches, trailer wiring, trailer accessories, trailer jacks, couplers, drawbars, cargo management systems, ladder racks, bike and wheel chocks and much more. All Pro is also a full service station for snow removal equipment , including snow plows and salt spreaders sales and service.

Our trailer sales department is top of the line, and we offer the best selection and pricing of new & usedtrailers for sale, with more options than many other dealers in Pennsylvania. We are your number one source for cargo trailers,utility trailers, gooseneck trailers and many more. Our trailer sales facility in Pennsylvania is easily accessible from our surrounding states. Looking for trailers for sale in Maryland? Virginia? New Jersey? New York? Trailer Superstore offers convenient trailer delivery right to your home or business or pick-up at our location – located just outside of Harrisburg, PA. You can also purchase your new trailers for sale over the phone, receive on the spot trailer financing and we will have your unit ready for pick up at our superstore.

Landscape Utility Trailers

We also carry an extensive line of landscape utility trailers in light and heavy-duty options. Our landscape trailers are manufactured by Premier, Big Tex Trailers and Carry-On Trailers, which are available in a multitude of sizes from 8′ landscape trailers to 20′ landscaping trailers.

Equipment trailers are available with full-tilt or split-tilt decks, dove tails, deckover and flat deck equipment trailers as well as gooseneck trailer options. Our #1 selling Big Tex Equipment Trailers are available in light duty equipment and heavy-duty trailer options.

Looking for a dump trailer that can handle all your tasks? Dump trailers are available in deckover and low profile styles by Bri-Mar Trailers and Big Tex Trailers. Trailer Superstore offers dump trailers that are built to haul heavy equipment and materials such as stone, dirt and gravel.

Additionally, you’ll find dual purpose ATV utility trailers for sale, which can be utilized to haul quads or can be used to haul mulch, stone or cargo. We carry aluminum ATV trailers by Cargo Pro Trailers and all of them can be customized to fit your needs. Enclosed ATV trailers are also available. Snowmobile Trailers are available in various functionalities by SnoPro Trailers.

Trailer Superstore can also turn a stock enclosed trailer into a custom bike trailer for you. We can install heavy-duty tie downs, e-tracking and bike wheel chocks to protect your precious cargo. We carry enclosed motorcycle trailers and open motorcycle trailers. Whichever motorcycle trailer for sale you choose; we can customize it with the trailer accessories of your choosing.

Trailer Superstore offers Trailer Financing and Trailer Delivery.

Our Central PA location is easily accessible from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and around New England. Our new and used trailers for sale can also be conveniently delivered to Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut.

Trailer Superstore also offers enclosed car trailers and custom car haulers for sale. Customize your new car trailer with trailer accessories including trailer cabinets, flooring and wheels. One of our top sellers is our ATC custom car trailers and aluminum enclosed haulers that we design and have built to meet your exact specification.

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