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Whether hauling bulky loads or traveling across uneven ground, a deckover trailer is an excellent alternative to a standard flatbed trailer. Looking to buy a deckover trailer? All Pro Trailer Superstore has a large selection of various sizes and models. We’ll find you the ideal trailer for hauling your loads.

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Having the right trailer makes life so much easier, whether you need a trailer for work or for leisure. But what type fits your needs? At Trailer Superstore, we have a huge selection of trailers for sale, one that gives you options and lets you identify the perfect solution.

We offer a wide range of different types of trailers for sale, and you’ll find new, used and customized options available as well. We also want to ensure our customers always get the quality they want and expect from an investment in a trailer, which is why we offer products made by the best trailer manufacturers in the world.

When you value selection and when you want only the best equipment, choose to buy trailers online from Trailer Superstore, where you’ll find only the best options to meet your requirements.

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What Are Deckover Trailers?

Deckover trailers have a deck that sits above the trailer wheels rather than between them, like a standard flatdeck. This design means the platform is higher and broader than other trailer designs. Deckover trailers might have a flat deck or walls for hauling and dumping loose materials.

The Benefits These Trailers Offer

When choosing a trailer for your business or personal use, you have many options. You may wonder what makes one trailer better than another. Here are a few unique advantages you can get from a deckover trailer:

  • Ground clearance: Since the bed sits above the wheels, the trailer is higher off the ground. This design means the trailer can move more easily over uneven surfaces.
  • Loading space: The extra width of having the deck over the wheels gives you plenty of room for hauling large or bulky loads.
  • Trailer access: Without wheels in the way, you can load the trailer from the back or approach from the side with a forklift. This benefit means you can balance the loads you carry better.
  • Complex loads: Whether loads are overly bulky or have lots of items, a deckover trailer provides plenty of space to arrange materials.

Uses of Deckover Trailers

You might use deckover trailers for various tasks. These tasks include handling bulky loads, especially those 6 feet or wider. Deckover trailers also work well when the fender and wheels get in the way, such as when loading lumber or using forklifts to place items on the trailer.

The high ground clearance means you can haul this trailer over rougher terrain with less chance of jostling or damaging your cargo. The large loading space provides ample room for items like large mower decks, utility tractors or multiple ATVs.

Our Deckover Trailers for Sale

At All Pro Trailer Superstore, we offer a range of deckover trailers for sale to suit many hauling applications. Our inventory includes new and pre-owned options, giving you a quality trailer that serves your bottom line. The trailers vary in size from 10 to 40 feet long. They have a range of widths, from 6 feet to over 8 feet. Our trailers come from top manufacturers like Big Tex, BWise, CAM Superline and Premier Trailers. Here are the varieties of deckover trailers we sell:

  • Equipment trailers
  • Dump trailers
  • Gooseneck trailers

Contact Us About Buying a Trailer

At All Pro Trailer Superstore, we do more than hitch you to a trailer. Our services involve everything you need to buy, customize, maintain and even resell your trailer. With over 30 years in business and a network of customers across several countries, we’re a trusted partner to guide your trailer purchase.

Browse our selection of deckover trailers for sale to find one that suits your operations. Once you do, contact us online to discuss availability. We’re also here to answer any questions you have as you shop.