New Trailer Warranties

Having complete and protective trailer warranties is crucial when you’re making a purchase. At the Trailer Superstore, we understand the value of your time and your cargo. All new trailers for sale which are sold by Trailer Superstore are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. All used trailers are sold as is/no warranty. Our trailer manufacturers are top of the line, members of NATM, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and build their quality trailers right here in the USA. You can view each manufacturers’ warranty information and procedures below.

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Protect Your Investment With All Pro Trailer Superstore

A trailer is a significant investment — one that, ideally, will provide you with years of use. While we take great care to ensure all our products will deliver superior long-term quality, we also understand the value of strong warranty coverage. A trailer warranty policy is a source of peace of mind — it’s an assurance that if anything goes wrong with your purchase that’s outside the scope of normal wear and tear, you won’t be affected.

Different manufacturers have different warranty policies. While we outline the basics of some of our most popular brands below, it’s always worth it to speak with a representative directly before making a decision. Our team will take the confusion out of understanding your trailer warranty coverage and, if possible, point you to extended coverage options that may be of interest to you.

Stay Covered for the Long Term

Most trailer warranty policies require you to keep your unit in well-maintained condition, ideally through regular service from an authorized technician. Moreover, even with a great warranty, it’s worth it to invest in preventative maintenance. When you purchase a new trailer from All Pro Trailer Superstore, we’ll put together a maintenance schedule that meets your coverage requirements and keeps your purchase in the best condition possible for longer.

Warranty Service Requests

To file a warranty claim, please contact All Pro Trailer Superstore first. We can advise you on the process for submitting a claim to the manufacturer. Alternately, check your trailer warranty certificate for policy details and other information.

Even if you didn’t buy your trailer from us initially, there’s a good chance we can do the work in our facility and help you navigate the claims process. To get started, reach out to our service department by phone, or use the form on this page to get in touch.

Trailer Warranties

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Alcom/ Cargo Pro/Sno Pro:

  • Stealth Lite: 1 Year Structure, 90 day Limited
  • Cargo Pro Standard and Sno Pro: 4 Year Structure, 90 day Limited

American Hauler:

  • Air Lite: 1 Year Structure, 1 Year limited
  • All others: 3 Year Structure, 1 Year Limited


  • Raven: 3 Year Structure, 1 Year Electrical, 3 Year Advantech flooring
  • Quest/ RV: 5 Year Structure, 1 Year Electrical, 3 Year Advantech flooring

Big Tex:

  • All Trailers: 3 Year Structure Warranty


  • R Dump Trailers: 6-month warranty
  • LE Trailers : 1 Year Structure
  • LPHD and EH: 2 Year Structure

CAM Superline:

  • Advantage: 1 Year Structure
  • CAM: 2 Year Structure


  • All Trailers: 3 Year Structure, Lifetime- Roof, floor, lights


  • Utility Trailers: 1 Year Structure
  • Enclosed Trailers: 3 Year Structure

Covered Wagon:

  • All Trailers: 4 Year Structure

Diamond Cargo:

  • All Trailers: 5 Year Warranty


  • All Trailers: 3 Year Structure

Master Tow:

  • All Dollies: 1 Year Structure


  • All Trailers: 1 Year Structure

Sport Haven:

  • All Trailers: 3 Year Structure, 1 Year Limited

U.S. Cargo:

  • All trailers: 1 Year Structure

Dexter Axles

  • 5 Year Warranty on Spring Axles
  • 10 Year Warranty on Torsion Axles

Lippert Axles

  • 6 Year Warranty on Spring Axles
  • 11 Year Warranty on Torsion Axles


Each new trailer for sale will come with a warranty registration certificate. You must mail this out within 10 days after purchase to ensure you do not void your warranty. Specific items covered by warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important not to make any assumptions, and warranty length typically ranges from between one and five years. Warranty trailer service and trailer repair are offered at either the manufacturer’s location, or a qualified repair shop or dealer, and the appropriate approval and arrangements must be made before repair work is undertaken. For any questions on the trailer warranties offered on the new trailers for sale at the Trailer Superstore, simply give us a call at 800.622.7003 or visit the showroom today. 

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