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Master Tow Dollies

All Pro Trailer Superstore proudly carries Master Tow car dolly models to make your towing tasks easier. Master Tow designs car dollies with safety and efficiency in mind. Browse our inventory to find the perfect car dolly for your application.

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Why You Need a Master Tow Car Dolly

Master Tow designs and manufactures dolly models with reliable, high-quality standard components and customization options. Each dolly comes with the following features:

  • Radial wheels and tires
  • Easy-lube hubs
  • Durable adjustable straps
  • Rearward-tilting ramp and carrying pan for easy loading and unloading
  • Smooth swiveling components
  • Thick polyethylene fenders to prevent metal fatigue and damage
  • Safety chains with steel S-hook safety clips to ensure secure towing
  • A plug-together, factory-molded wiring harness

The right dolly can make your life easier whether you tow cars, trucks or vans. With a Master Tow car dolly, you can tow vehicles for personal or commercial purposes safely and easily.

Types of Master Tow Dolly Models for Sale

All Pro Trailer Superstore carries Master Tow car dolly models with and without integral brakes. These dollies measure 80 inches wide and allow a maximum vehicle width of 78 inches to the front doors. Each unit includes rugged straps to secure towed vehicles.

When you purchase a Master Tow dolly from Trailer Superstore, you can customize it to meet your needs. With options such as hydraulic, electric and no brakes, you can invest in a dolly that’s perfect for your application.

Purchase a Master Tow Dolly From All Pro Trailer Superstore

Trailer Superstore carries Master Tow car dolly models with various feature sets and towing capacities to suit specific needs. Our expert team members can help you find a new or used dolly, or we can customize one to fit your requirements. Contact us to learn more about our Master Tow dolly inventory.