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As an authorized full agent of Penn DOT, our team can complete all documentation in regard to your sale from title and tag to transfers and liens:

  • In-state Pennsylvania residents will receive their new trailer registration and license plate on the spot.
  • We can also issue in-transit registration plates to out of state residents who purchase a trailer in Pennsylvania.

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How to Get a Title and Tag for a Trailer

Pennsylvania law requires all trailer owners to have a title to confirm who the owner is. Tags attached to the license plate confirm that the owner has registered the trailer with the state.

The process of obtaining a title and tag can seem intimidating. So, we’ve broken down the process into simple steps. Here’s how to get a title and tag for a trailer in Pennsylvania.

Getting a Title for a Trailer

All Pro Trailer Superstore and other dealers obtain titles, also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, from the manufacturer. When the trailer sells, they transfer the title to the new owner. Buying a new trailer means you automatically receive the title. But when purchasing a used trailer, you must obtain the title through different means. Here’s an overview of how to get a title:

1. Ensure the Trailer Is Roadworthy

To use a trailer on public roads, you must have a title. And to get a title, the trailer must pass roadworthy inspections that confirm it is safe to use. The trailer’s lighting, brakestires and structure must be in good condition to pass a state inspection that conforms to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) standards.

Once your trailer has passed this inspection, you must gather all the essential documentation, like proof of purchase, insurance, property tax and any receipts for parts or work done.

If you have an out-of-state salvage title, you must visit the Pennsylvania DMV to transfer it to a Pennsylvania trailer title before proceeding to the next step. If you’re from out of state and buy a trailer in Pennsylvania, we can issue temporary in-transit registration plates.

2. Have the Trailer Weighed

You must have the trailer weighed to get a trailer title and tag in Pennsylvania. The state only accepts the actual weight of the trailer alone, so be sure to unhook the trailer from the truck and remove any items it may be holding before weighing it.

There are a few places in Pennsylvania that offer certified trailer weighing services. Many recycling centers and truck stops provide these services.

3. Complete the MV-140 Registration Form

Complete the MV-140 form to request registration or renew registration. If you would like to request a duplicate title for your trailer, complete the MV-380 application form. To register a trailer for recreational use, you must complete the MV-41 application form and indicate the body type change to “REC” within the body type field on the form. When completing the registration process online, you will receive the registration credentials to print yourself. With our title and tag services, we’ll handle that for you.

If you have a modified or reconstructed trailer, you must complete the MV426 inspections or enhanced inspections to claim a title. You can visit the PennDOT website to complete the relevant forms. Beyond these forms, mechanics must perform a special course to pass the trailer for these inspections.

Once you have completed the paperwork and had the inspections performed by qualified mechanics, you can visit PennDOT to complete a final trailer inspection and roadworthy test. They’ll take pictures of the trailer and give you a packet of papers to take to the Pennsylvania DMV to complete the process.

After that, a vehicle identification number (VIN) is issued for your trailer, and you receive your new title.

Renewing Trailer Tags in Pennsylvania

A trailer tag is like a license plate tag. It proves your trailer has a valid registration with the state of Pennsylvania. Tags must be renewed every one to two years and are required if you plan to use your trailer on public roads.

As an authorized PennDOT agent, we can help you get tags for your trailer, whether you’re buying it used or new. You can also complete the trailer registration renewal process online. In some cases, you may need to complete an inspection. Our technicians can perform the work on-site and provide any repairs necessary to pass. We’ll happily walk you through the process and outline any additional fees when you visit our showroom.

Tags and Trailers for Out-Of-State Buyers

All Pro Trailer Superstore has sold new and used trailers to customers nationwide and globally. If you’re buying from out of state, we’ll do whatever is necessary to get your purchase to you, and we’ll handle any registration or ownership paperwork for your area. We’ve even sold trailers internationally, and we can take care of any customs or importation issues that come up.

Browse our inventory of quality trailers online to see detailed specifications and accurate pricing for new and used equipment. Looking for something in particular? We can attempt to source a specific trailer or recommend a suitable alternative.

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Visit Our Title and Tag Department in Pennsylvania

As an authorized Penn DOT agent, we can handle all the paperwork to obtain a trailer title and tag. You might need to complete an inspection, but our experts will handle the paperwork on-site. We can also manage any repair needs to get your trailer in a roadworthy condition.

Visit the showroom in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, or contact us online.

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