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All Pro Trailer Superstore is a proud dealer of Homesteader trailers. We carry a selection of new, used and custom Homesteader enclosed trailers to meet your hauling needs, including dump trailers with the durability, strength and reinforcement to make your material handling tasks easier. Browse our variety of Homesteader trailers to find the perfect option.

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Having the right trailer makes life so much easier, whether you need a trailer for work or for leisure. But what type fits your needs? At Trailer Superstore, we have a huge selection of trailers for sale, one that gives you options and lets you identify the perfect solution.

We offer a wide range of different types of trailers for sale, and you’ll find new, used and customized options available as well. We also want to ensure our customers always get the quality they want and expect from an investment in a trailer, which is why we offer products made by the best trailer manufacturers in the world.

When you value selection and when you want only the best equipment, choose to buy trailers online from Trailer Superstore, where you’ll find only the best options to meet your requirements.

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Why You Need a Homesteader Trailer

Homesteader trailers are perfect for personal and commercial applications. You can trust Homesteader to provide the trailer components, capabilities and features you need because they design each model with the end user in mind. Whether you transport horses, antique cars or heavy material loads, Homesteader ensures your cargo remains safe during your travels.

Homesteader Trailers for Sale

Trailer Superstore carries a wide selection of Homesteader trailers from the following series:

  • Challenger: A Challenger Series Homesteader enclosed trailer delivers quality and versatility at a competitive price.
  • Intrepid: Intrepid Series trailers are V-nose models with standard features suitable for a range of applications.
  • Champion: The Champion Series is a line of enclosed car trailers perfect for hauling vehicles such as motorcycles, race cars, go-karts or antique cars.
  • Hercules: A Hercules Series trailer is an incredibly long-lasting, durable option for customers seeking the best in the industry.
  • Stallion: Homesteader manufactures Stallion Series trailers specifically for equestrian and horse enthusiasts. Individuals with a shared passion for working with horses helped design this series to ensure your animals remain safe and comfortable during interstate travel.
  • Dump trailers: Homesteader also designs and manufactures hydraulic dump trailers with strong frames and extra reinforcement to handle many different types of materials. With a Homesteader dump trailer, you get heavy-gauge steel flooring and sidewalls to hold and transport loads securely.

Invest in a Homesteader Trailer From Trailer Superstore

All Pro Trailer Superstore carries a wide selection of Homesteader enclosed trailers and dump trailers to meet your needs. We offer new, used and custom trailers to fit various applications, and our expert team can help you find the perfect trailer or design it to your exact specifications.

We also offer trailer services such as repairs, inspections, title and tag documentation, and delivery. Contact our knowledgeable team to learn more about our Homesteader trailer inventory and how we can help you choose the ideal model for your personal or professional applications.