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If you’re a landscaper or contractor, transforming your pickup truck into a dump truck can be helpful. A pickup truck dump insert from All Pro Trailer Superstore provides a practical, cost-effective solution. Installing one of these products in your truck’s bed enables you to convert your vehicle into an easy-to-use dumping machine for gravel, soil, filler dirt, river rock and other materials. Browse our inventory for a dump insert today.

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Choose From Multiple Dump Insert Options

We offer a range of dump inserts made from premium steel or polymer that fit 6-foot or 8-foot truck beds. They come from leading manufacturers, such as BWise and Dumper Dogg, ensuring the highest quality, reliability and ease of use. They include a host of standard features, like manual safety bars, tailgate chains and a tethered control box, to ensure safe, reliable performance. Other available options include side extensions, tarp kits, tailgate spreaders and wireless remote functionality.

Dump Bed Insert Applications and Benefits

A dump bed insert for pickup truck installation is ideal for construction jobs, landscaping work, light commercial projects or other tasks that require loading and unloading loose materials. These solutions enable you to avoid back-breaking labor and complete your work faster and more effectively.

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