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Aug 05, 2014

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Whether you’re moving across the street or to a whole new state or even a new country, moving is nearly always a stressful and exhausting task. From finding the right home to packing and planning, this task can especially become difficult if you have a lot of belongings and heavy items to move – including motorcycles. Moving a motorcycle to a new home is a dreaded task for many individuals, especially if they are moving very far away from their current location. Fortunately, with proper planning, the task of moving a motorcycle to a new home can become far less daunting, and maybe even easy.

4 Questions to Ask Before Moving a Motorcycle

Here are four things to do and some questions to ask yourself before moving your motorcycle to a new home:

  1. Make sure you have a place to store and ride your motorcycle. Nothing is worse than going through the trouble of moving your motorcycle to your new home only to realize you will have to sell it due to not having a place to store it or ride it. Scope the area ahead of time and make sure you have a parking space or garage to keep your motorcycle in. Check the conditions of the area you are moving to. Are they safe for motorcyclists? Is the neighborhood known for being friendly and accepting of motorcyclists? Try to connect with people from the area to ask them about it before you move your motorcycle in.
  2. Make sure your motorcycle is in good shape. Is your motorcycle in good enough condition to be moved? Is it worth moving? Check the health of your motorcycle before you move it. Make sure the tires, brakes, and all other parts are in good working condition. It would be a shame to go through the trouble of moving it only to get it moved in and have it break down. Having a motorcycle in good condition will also make moving it easier, especially if you plan to ride it all or part of the way to your new home.
  3. Know the specs of your motorcycle. Do you know how big your motorcycle is? Make sure you know the weight of your motorcycle in addition to its height and length. This will help you when you look for motorcycle cargo trailers for sale. You’ll need to know the specs of your motorcycle to be sure to choose the right trailer that is big enough and can safely support the weight of your bike.
  4. Check the distance. Do you know the exact distance of how far your move is? If you plan to ride your motorcycle, you’ll want to know how far of a ride it will be so you can prepare for the ride ahead of time and plan rest stops. Similarly, you will need to know the distance if you are renting a motorcycle cargo trailer. You may need to pay a company for it based on the distance, particularly if you are hiring a professional driver to move it for you.

Moving is never a fun or easy task but the more you prepare in advance, the less overwhelming it will be. When you follow these four steps, moving your motorcycle to your new home will be a breeze.

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