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5 Reasons Big Tex Trailers Are in Demand | All Pro

Jun 03, 2016

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big tex

There are lots of good trailer makers out there, but in recent years Big Tex has risen to the top. Everybody wants a Big Tex trailer. So what’s all the fuss? Here are five reasons for the demand—that aren’t just hype:

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  1. Longer lifespan than other trailers, with less maintenance.

    If you’re going to spend good money on a trailer, it should be one that will last you for years to come—whether you buy it new or used. Big Tex trailers take this idea as a core principle of their design. They consider the kind of wear a trailer is most likely to encounter over its lifetime, like problems caused by bad alignment or an unbalanced trailer bed. Their framing is designed to guarantee a balanced, true tow behind your vehicle. This reduces tire wear and strain on the bearings, meaning less maintenance and a trailer you can count on.

  1. Rugged construction takes a beating.

    The rest of Big Tex’s trailer construction lives up to the same standards. The frames are built of high gauge steel that is low carbon and high alloy, making it less brittle than other trailer steel and allowing the trailer to flex rather than suffer steel fatigue. Even the welding is done to a higher standard on Big Tex trailers.

  1. Professional grade.

    There’s no question about it—Big Tex is designed with the professional in mind. The company looked at the needs of the most high-demand trailer customers out there, from truckers to commercial horse owners to construction companies that move big equipment on a daily basis. Because their trailers are designed to meet the toughest needs, just about everybody wants a Big Tex trailer riding behind them.

  1. Trailers for every need.

    Big Tex isn’t shy about introducing new model numbers. Their product line has grown substantially and includes just about every type of trailer you could imagine. There are Big Tex classics like gooseneck trailers, flatbeds, lowboys, and landscape trailers. There are custom-built Big Tex trailers for any design you could imagine. And there are ready-made trailers for all interests including ATV haulers, golf cart trailers, pipe top trailers and more. The bottom line is—whatever kind of trailer you might need, Big Tex probably makes a version of it, and their version is built to last.

  1. Big Tex trailers hold their value over time.

    Buying a trailer isn’t a small decision. If you’re going to invest in one, it should hold its value over time, so you get as much resale value out of it as possible. Big Tex trailers are respected and seen as a good catch even when they’re used—meaning you have an investment that will last for years.

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