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Mar 26, 2014

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There are a wide variety of companies that might find getting a cargo trailer advantageous. Landscaping companies can benefit from having the ability to move equipment and crew from place to place all in one vehicle. The same goes for construction companies who need to haul materials and equipment. Retail stores, thrift shops and other enterprises that have some sort of an inventory could use a cargo trailer to transport and store goods. However, these benefits are only maximized when you find the right trailer for your haul. Here are five things to keep in mind:

What Type of Weight Are You Hauling?

When considering this, it’s always best to overestimate rather than underestimate. Your total weights includes materials, equipment, people and other possibilities that could be involved in a single haul. When you figure that out, it’s time to see how much the trailer can hold. This involves subtracting the trailer’s curb weight from its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Once you come up with that number, that’s the max it can tow. Keep this is mind when searching for a trailer

How Much Security Do You Require?

If you are only hauling inexpensive materials or will quickly unload the goods hauled, an open cargo trailer makes a lot of sense. However, if you have items that you don’t want necessarily out in the open, such as expensive equipment, it makes more sense to pay a little more for an enclosed trailer to keep your goods safe. An enclosed trailer also can protect your goods from the elements.

What Type of Tow Vehicle Do You Use?

The tow vehicle you use will certainly determine how much you haul as well as the size of the trailer you want to purchase. Compare the weight you can tow with the tow vehicle with the G.V.W.R. of the trailer to see if that’ll work.

What Kind of Route Do You Take?

The type of route you take may determine whether or not you need any special accessories included with your trailer. For example, a hilly road or one that has a lot of potholes might require a stoneguard or an E-track to make sure your haul is safe.

Will You Do Work in Your Trailer?

Many businesses will purchase a trailer for space to complete projects. Common examples of this include mechanics or woodworking. If this is the case, remember to purchase a trailer with the height and size to ensure the space isn’t too cramped to complete any task comfortably.

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