Battery & Hydraulic Pump Instructions and Maintenance

black pickup truck hauling atc trailer
  1. Vehicle systems not designed for keeping battery fully charged.
  2. Breakaway cable must be plugged into breakaway switch or it will drain the battery.
  3. Use battery maintainer on a daily or other frequent basis to keep battery fully charged. Battery should always be charged in well-ventilated area.
  4. If dumping on an extremely frequent basis (4 or more times per day), the manufacturer highly recommends carrying a spare battery.
  5. Battery should always have a minimum of 12 volts to operate hydraulic pump properly.
  6. Hydraulic fluid level should be approximately 1” from top of reservoir when dump body is in down position and should be approximately 1” from bottom of reservoir when body is fully raised.
  7. NEVER add fluid to reservoir when body is not completely lowered. Adding fluid when body is raised could result in an overflow problem.
  8. CAUTION: Exceedingly low battery levels may cause hydraulic pump valve to open while motor is not functioning. This will result in hydraulic fluid overflow and possible propulsion of reservoir top.