buyers guide to choosing the perfect enclosed trailer

If you’re looking to buy an enclosed trailer but don’t know which type to choose, our trailer buying guide is here to help. To make sure you are purchasing the right trailer for your exact needs, you’ll need to consider
a variety of things.

All Pro Trailer Superstore is a leader in all things related to trailers, so we know how to narrow down your options. Here’s what you need to know about investing in a versatile and durable enclosed trailer that’s within your budget.

What Is an Enclosed Trailer?

what is an enclosed trailer

Also known as cargo trailers, enclosed trailers have a range of purposes for various industries and recreational uses. You can haul anything from equipment, cars and motorcycles to tools and construction materials. Even if you’re looking for a long-term but portable storage unit, enclosed trailers are your go-to solution.

The primary purpose of an enclosed trailer is to protect your cargo from the elements while also keeping it safe from outsiders. Like with many pieces of equipment, you can upfit the trailer with accessories, such as tie-downs, rings, shelving, tracks, flooring and other upgrades to accommodate your load.

Benefits of Enclosed Trailers

benefits of enclosed trailers

Cargo trailers transport your goods from one location to the next and provide exceptional storage space, affordability, protection and security.

1. Better Storage

Unlike open trailers, enclosed rigs give you maximum useable space to store your machines, equipment, tools, materials and whatever else you need. You have access to open zones along the walls and even ceiling space for
storing ladders, weed whackers, rope, hand tools and other gear.

With better storage comes better organization. When you have the right accessories and several walls for loading, you can use a cargo trailer for transportation or permanent stowing.

2. Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or headed to the race track, you need the right provisions. But instead of renting entire vehicles to transport your cargo — which can be expensive — you can invest in an enclosed trailer. It’s an affordable solution, especially if you’ll be using it daily for work or periodically for big moves.

A trailer will also give you a better return on investment (ROI), and you don’t have to worry about additional fees. It’s a cost-effective way to customize what you need to remain productive.

3. Enhanced Protection

Imagine driving down the highway with an open trailer full of vital equipment or your prized first-generation Mustang, then it begins to downpour. We can’t think of anything more frustrating.

The elements can be your worst nightmare when transporting cargo from point A to point B. Rain can damage your utilities, the wind can push materials off the bed, and the sun can cause fading.

An enclosed trailer provides the utmost protection, no matter what you’re driving through. You can travel at any time of day without having to check the weather. Cargo trailers allow you to pack what you need and not fret about the conditions outside. It can also keep you protected if you’re caught in a storm while camping or at the job site.

4. Increased Security

If you’re looking to transform a trailer into your mobile business, security is essential. Even if you’re hauling thousand-dollar ATVs or expensive tools, you need the right provisions to safeguard your investments.

An enclosed trailer can lock your assets inside, so you don’t have to worry about people being curious or stealing your belongings. Unlike an open rig, a cargo version keeps your valuables secure. Think about your load of sports equipment or your high-performance sprint car. Enclosed solutions are beneficial if you have to leave your trailer unattended at a worksite or somewhere open to the public.

The increased security of an enclosed unit also offers safer transportation. For example, it prevents your cargo from falling out of the bed. In some instances, you may have to strap things down, but not all the time, like open trailers. An enclosed option locks everything in place.

The advantages of having a cargo trailer give you peace of mind, as well as affordability and the perfect amount of space.

Tips for Choosing an Enclosed Trailer

tips for choosing an enclosed trailer

Understanding how to choose an enclosed trailer can be challenging. Because there are various makes, models and sizes available, finding one that matches your expectations demands the right amount of research.

Gaining insight will help you plan a blueprint of what you want and need. Once you have a solid idea, you can trust the experts to help narrow down your options.

Some questions will want to ask yourself include:

1. What’s the Trailer’s Application?

One of the most important factors to consider is what you’ll be using the trailer for — the trailer’s applications will determine the size of the unit you need. Although enclosed trailers were once used for a particular number of jobs, there are now several different types of applications for trailers.

For example, if you need a utility trailer for your HVAC business, a compact unit fitted with accessories can hold your tools and materials. However, if you’re hauling several ATVs, you may need a bigger option with open space. You’ll need to consider if you’ll be using your trailer for your mobile business, for a construction site or for recreational use.

2. Do You Have a Budget?

When it comes to finding the ideal trailer, the most affordable option might not be the best choice. Instead, you want to focus on investing in a solution that will deliver the most value. Look for a trailer that combines quality materials and superior workmanship. You also don’t want to surpass your budget on unnecessary accessories or a trailer that’s too big or small for what you’re transporting.

Devise a budget, then add on a bit more in case you need to make some adjustments. There are plenty of options that can fit your demands and financial plan.

3. Do You Need Special Customization Work?

Knowing where to buy enclosed trailers can be tricky, but one thing to look for is customization. While designing a unit has a lot to do with custom accessories that support your operations, it also relates to using your trailer for promotional purposes. This option is especially great if you own a business. You can vamp up a regular looking trailer by applying your business logo, phone number and website to the trailer. You can showcase what you’re hauling inside or showoff a fresh look with custom colors and different rims.

4. What Accessories Will Enhance Your Trailer?

A handyman business will require different accessories than someone hauling vehicles. You may need to upfit the trailer with shelving, racks, drawers and hooks to keep your materials organized and secure. If you’re transporting any type of vehicle, ramps and treadplates will make more sense. If you’re hauling something that demands a temperature-regulated trailer, vents and AC units can create dry and cool conditions.

Different ways you can accessorize an enclosed trailer include:

  • Cabinets
  • Benches
  • D-rings
  • Flooring
  • Hitches
  • Jacks
  • Ladder racks
  • LED Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Steps
  • Toolboxes
  • Vents
  • Wheels
  • Wheel chocks

5. Are You Looking to Expand Your Business in the Future?

If you’re starting a new business venture or looking to expand your already-successful company, you’ll want to invest in a trailer that can grow with you. What will you need in six months to three years from now? Think about space, accessories, size and load capacity.

6. How Far Will You Travel?

Travel distance will determine whether you need a standard trailer or one with a few upgrades. Driving to local areas won’t require too much as long as you have the necessities, but it’s when you decide to travel long distances that updates become necessary.

Decide what you’ll need during a cross-country trek. Your enclosed trailer may benefit from a spare tire, LED taillights and tie-downs. Different upgrades can mean the difference between a safe and unsteady ride.

7. What Type of Cargo Will You Haul?

What you’ll be hauling is another determining factor of trailer size when narrowing down your options. Different types of enclosed trailers are available, such as:

Knowing what cargo you must haul will affect the size and interior of the enclosed trailer. You may need to add height or length to the unit, depending on what’s inside. What you’re transporting also determines what
accessories are necessary.

Choosing an enclosed trailer is easier when you have the basics down.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Enclosed Trailer

As you’re one step closer to making a decision, you will want to consider different questions, like:

  • Barn door vs. ramp
  • Bias-ply tires vs. radial
  • Flat vs. v-nose
  • Height of trailer
  • Rounded vs. flat roof
  • Steel vs. aluminum
  • Torsion axle vs. leaf spring
  • Width of the outer skin

1. What Size Enclosed Trailer Do You Need?

First, you need to figure out how large of an enclosed trailer you need. The most common trailer widths are five, six, seven, and eight and a half feet. As far as length, most commonly, they are purchased between eight and 32 feet. If you need a trailer to be custom-built, you can only add height in six-inch increments. Naturally, you will need to pay an additional fee for custom building.

2. How Many Axles Does Your Enclosed Trailer Need?

Before you choose whether to get a single axle or tandem axle trailer, you need to figure out how much you are willing to spend, the height of the items you will put inside the trailer and what kind of roads you will be driving on. In general, tandem axle trailers will be more expensive than a single axle, but with the price comes the advantage of hauling heavier loads — they are also considered to be more stable.

3. What Type of Axles Does Your Enclosed Trailer Need?

There are two main designs for axles: leaf spring and the torsion axles. The difference between the two is that leaf spring axles use metal springs, while the torsion axles used rubber springs. Leaf spring axles take up more
space and are heavier. However, if something were to happen, they could be repaired while torsion axles cannot. If you are carrying a light load, then you should choose a torsion axle.

4. What Are the Uses of Enclosed Cargo Trailers?

Enclosed trailers have no one specific use. They are ideal for any line of professional work that requires you to safeguard equipment and tools. Cargo units are also perfect for recreational use if you’re an avid adventurist or into restoring vintage cars. You could be passionate about motorsports like snowmobiling, four-wheeling, motocross or sprint cars. Even if you’re looking to open a business at the beach or create a mobile store, trailers can accommodate a range of ideas.

If you plan to buy an enclosed trailer for sale and want to use it for more than just moving items, then you’ll need to consider how you want to customize it. There are many things you can do — some people use their trailers as an office while others use it as a concession trailer to sell food and drinks.

5. Do I Need a Special Driver’s License and New Registration?

Many states require you to upgrade your license if the unit you’re pulling is more than 26,001 pounds.

If your trailer exceeds that weight, you will need to upgrade your license to Class A. Depending on how much cargo you’re pulling, you may need a Class A, B or C license. Make sure to check your local, state and federal regulations for more accurate information on how to upgrade your license.

The best thing to do for registrations is to also check your local and state laws. A towing registration needs to have a vehicle capable of hauling heavy loads. Check other states’ protocols too if you’re driving across borders.

6. What Color Enclosed Trailer Should You Choose?

It might not be something you thought you would have to consider, but it’s the little things that count. White and black are the most common trailer colors, but they can come into a variety of different colors if you want to have them custom painted.

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