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Should You Choose Steel or Aluminum for your Next Trailer?

Oct 24, 2013

When you come to the Trailer Superstore for a brand new car trailer or utility trailer, one of the first questions you might have is which type of construction material should you consider: steel or aluminum? While each offer a great amount of protection for your haul as well as durability, there are differences between the two that are worth mentioning.

Benefits of Aluminum Trailers

  • Aluminum is lighter: If weight is an issue, it’s good to know that aluminum is a much lighter-weight material than steel – generally about a third less in weight. Therefore if you’re going for strength to weight ratio, aluminum might actually have the upper hand.
  • Aluminum is more likely to resist corrosion: In their natural states, aluminum is much more rust-resistant than steel. Rust could result in more maintenance and replacement parts. However, steel and trailer manufacturers have come up with methods to make steel more resistant to rust, including painting and coating the steel.

Benefits of Steel Trailers

  • Steel is stronger than aluminum: There’s a reason why cars, bridges and boats are built with steel rather than aluminum – steel is much stronger than aluminum. It’s up to 66% stronger in fact. If you’re looking for strength alone, you might want to look at a steel trailer.
  • Steel is more likely to resist flexing: Aluminum has more metal fatigue than steel. Therefore, it’s more likely to crack at flex points. However, because they’re often bolted at these points, it usually isn’t a major concern, but it’s still worth noting.
  • Steel trailers are generally less expensive: On average, steel trailers tend to be less expensive than aluminum trailers – about 20 percent less. This is just the average and exceptions do occur.

Choose a Steel or Aluminum Trailer at Trailer Superstore

So what have we learned here? There are certain differences between the two, but those who are devotees of one over the other are usually that because of personal preference rather than one being significantly better than the other. In truth, you can find a great steel or aluminum trailer; all you need is the right place to find it.

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