Choosing the Right Cargo Trailer for Your Needs

Jun 30, 2014

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Are you looking for a cheap and affordable used cargo trailer for sale? Then look no further – All Pro Trailer Superstore has everything to suit your needs at prices that can’t be beat. Cargo trailers are used to transport equipment from one place to another, but can’t move on their own; they need to be attached to an automobile of some kind that can tow them.

There are many different kinds of cargo trailers, so you first must decide why you need one before picking one out. Each kind of trailer has a particular use. Some people will purchase a cargo trailer to transport livestock, while others use one in order to move large, heavy items.

Choosing the Right Cargo Trailer for Your Business

There are many businesses that use cargo trailers, such as construction companies and lawn care services, and one of the most common types that they use is the flatbed. This is attached to a truck by a ball joint mechanism and is used to move other vehicles, boats, or any other type of freight. It is typically secured with ropes or straps. There are smaller versions of the cargo trailer, too, and these are used extensively by people who are transporting easy, manageable goods and products.

There are so many types and models of trailer to choose from that the decision can be a hard one. To make things easier when deciding which to pick, you should figure out the main reason you are looking to purchase one. Once you know what you are intending to transport, you can figure out what size you’ll need. Cargo trailers come in many different lengths and widths, and if you are thinking about purchasing an enclosed trailer, you’ll need to consider the height of your cargo, as well.

Open vs. Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Now it’s time to figure out if you will need an open or enclosed trailer. Although an open trailer is the cheaper choice, the cargo you intend to haul will be exposed to the weather. If the items you plan to haul need to be protected from the environment, then your best bet is to go with an enclosed trailer. Not only do they add protection from the forces of nature, enclosed trailers can also be used as portable storage buildings that can be secured and locked.

The last thing you’ll need to decide is whether the trailer should have a single or dual axle. Trailers with single axles have one load bearing axle, while dual axles use two. If you are planning to move something that is heavier than 3000 lbs., you would usually choose a dual axle, so weigh your cargo before making any decisions.

Consider the Size You Need

To choose the appropriate size for your needs, start compiling of a list of all the things you need to transport. If it’s furniture, then make a list of all the pieces and their sizes and choose your trailer accordingly. You’ll want to make sure that you have ample room and it’s better to go bigger than smaller.

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Following this guide should make the process of choosing a new or used cargo trailer for sale much easier. Check out our selection at All Pro Trailer Superstore and see which is right for you!


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