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Choosing the Right Kind of Trailer

Jul 16, 2014

How to Choose the Right Type of Trailer

At Trailer Superstore, we offer a wide variety of trailer styles no matter what type of trailer you’re looking for. Use our guide below to determine what type of trailer works best for your needs.

Landscaping Trailers

Often when people think of trailers for sale this is what they’re picturing. The landscaping trailer is your essential open-top, lightweight flatbed trailer. But even within this category of trailers for sale there is a lot of variation. Aside from different sizes, the biggest question with a landscaping trailer is what kinds of sides it has. The basic version just has low railings around the sides, but this won’t work well for loads of mulch, manure or gravel. For those, metal mesh walls help or you may even consider solid wooden or steel walls.

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Enclosed Trailers

Many businesses use a small enclosed trailer and they are also useful for moving. An enclosed trailer has solid sides and a roof with a lockable back door. These are really ideal for hauling tools and equipment, or any time there is a risk of theft. They are not ideal for loads like gravel or lumber.

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Horse Trailers

A horse trailer is essentially just a large, specialized enclosed trailer but if you have horses or other livestock there is no substitute! Any time you take your valuable animals on the road there is a risk and a real horse trailer minimizes that risk. The ramp and interior is designed for horses, often with feed troughs and secure tool trays built right in. The best ones even have their own braking system in case they are separated from the vehicle.

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Dump Trailers

If you only occasionally need to dump large loads then a regular landscaping trailer will work for you, but if you’re making a business of it focus on a dump trailer. There are lots of dump trailers for sale and they all feature hydraulics to tilt the trailer bed up so dumping is easy. Consider how heavy your loads will be and how sturdy of a trailer you need.

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Transport Trailers

Whether you are transporting motorcycles, a boat, kayaks or bikes, jury-rigging a regular trailer can be dangerous. There are lots of transport trailers for sale meant for all different types of equipment and vehicles. It’s important to choose one that is a good fit for your boat or vehicle.

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