Do-It-Yourself Moving Is On The Rise

Sep 01, 2015

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When you moved to your current address, did you rent a moving truck or hire a moving service to transport your belongings? If you said no, then you’re a part of a rising movement where more people are opting for a DIY move rather than the latter. It’s a given that millions of people move each year and according to the US Census Bureau, approximately 35,700,000 million Americans moved in 2014. This equates to roughly 1 in 9 people relocating as the total population of the country was recorded at 318,900,000 million! Based off those statistics, you probably know someone who has moved in the past year and it could have even been you.

At any rate, a large percentage of the total movers were inter-county movers. But what does that mean? To put it simply, the most common moving distance was less than 50 miles! While they may have moved to another county within their original state or to another, many didn’t stray far from their old residence. This begs the question, do you really need to hire an expensive moving service to move your things a relatively short distance?

DIY Perks

If you’ve even dealt with a moving company, you can attest to the stress of the moving time. You have to schedule the pick-up, which of course makes the packing part of the process much more hectic because you have to ensure EVERYTHING is ready to go by the time they arrive. And then, on top of that, once you get your items delivered, you have to quickly bring in all the boxes in the house without any downtime. This can immediately cause your new place to become a cluttered nightmare, full of cardboard boxes and misplaced furniture.

Instead of dealing with this frustration, you could follow suit behind the millions who have already foregone that whole process of dealing with moving companies. When people decide to go the DIY route, the stress and frustration of moving literally disappears because there isn’t another timetable to deal with besides your move in date! For starters, doing a move without a company saves you a ton of money as some moving services can cost thousands of dollars and that price will go up even more during long distance moves. So with that said, do you know what people are doing with those savings? They’re getting their own trailers.

DIY movers still want the convenience of a moving truck but they don’t want to deal with the hassles of renting one. This is where DIY movers start looking at trailers for sale to aid in the moving process. Not only will their very own trailer help them in the move but it’ll serve as a valuable asset for future use! Think about it: you move to a new place and you now have a few rooms to furnish. You can head the furniture store and easily transport new furnishings to your new house. No need to strap a mattress or dresser to the roof of your car anymore! Besides that, hauling your trailer with your own vehicle is more than likely more fuel efficient that renting a big truck. You’ll be more comfortable maneuvering it and have more confidence when traveling down the road.

Packing The Trailer

Since DIY movers have the convenience of time, you can move at your own pace and that means you can take more than just a day to get everything situated in your new place. With this in mind, you can strategically load the trailer which will help keep things organized. For instance, pack up each room in your existing residence and load them in the trailer together. When you arrive to your new address, you can easily find all the boxes that belong with each other and put them in the correct room. This is where you could begin to unpack each room, one at a time. Due to the fact that you won’t have the pressure of unloading everything as with a moving company, you can simply unload and unpack one room and then start the process again for the next one.

Will your next move be a DIY job? If so, find the perfect trailer for your move from Trailer Superstore and you’ll never have to drop big bucks on a moving company again…because the average person moves over 9 times after the age 18!