How to Start a Game Truck Business

Jun 13, 2024

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While trailers are typically known as handy attachments for transporting equipment, they have plenty more unique uses, such as transforming it into a portable space for on-site gaming. You could purchase a trailer and equip it with video game and entertainment consoles to open a gaming trailer business.

Best Trailers for a Gaming Setup

Before getting your business on the road, you need a trailer to house all the equipment. The size you’ll need depends on your gaming and entertainment setup requirements. Popular options include 20 to 24 feet or 26 to 30 feet, but you could always start smaller with a 10-foot trailer if you plan to provide limited games.

Besides size, you must also consider the type of trailer you should use. Common types of trailers best suited for gaming trailers include enclosed car and contractor trailers. You could opt for a custom-made trailer for your business, outfitted with all the specifications you need for an easy setup. Once you obtain the trailer, you can set up the entertainment features, decorate it and use it for video games and entertainment.

Starting a Small Business With Your Gaming Trailer

A mobile gaming trailer can become profitable for those wanting to own a small business. Exciting decor, comfortable seating, cutting-edge sound systems and dazzling lighting can transform a trailer into a stunning, high-tech place for gaming that you can take anywhere.

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You’ll need to develop a business plan to follow, which will help you maximize opportunities and experiences for your customers. Many video game truck businesses operate on a booking-based system where customers reserve and pay for the trailer hourly. The rate you charge should consider factors like:

  • The number of gaming systems and games available
  • The day of the week
  • Types of experiences you include, such as virtual reality (VR)
  • Food and beverage options

You must also obtain all proper licensing, permits, insurance and vehicle registrations before you can begin operating.

Check Out Companies Already Doing It

While mobile gaming trailers have been around for over a decade, the industry continues to grow and evolve as more technologies and games get released. Check out GameTruck, a popular company offering incredible gaming experiences for parties and other events. These trucks bring exciting consoles and other activities — including laser tag — to any site.

Start Your Gaming Trailer Business With a Trailer From All Pro Trailer Superstore

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