Guide For Buying Used Trailers

Dec 16, 2016

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Finding the perfect trailer can seem like an overwhelming process. The first step is determining your budget, preferences and needs and comparing them with what’s available. Many different types of new trailers are available for sale, making the possibilities seem endless. However, new trailers can be costly — a used trailer can be a good option if you want to save money.

Used trailers come as they are. When you find one you are interested in, you must inspect it. Accidentally purchasing a fixer-upper costs you time and money. You can avoid this by knowing what to look for in used trailers and asking the right questions. These tips for buying a used trailer will help you make an informed decision.

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What You Need to Consider When Buying a Used Trailer

When you inspect used trailers you are interested in buying, there are several factors to consider. The essential ones are value, size and vehicle compatibility, previous ownership, floor, overall condition and electrical.


To get a good deal, you must know the trailer’s value. Research a trailer’s market value and compare it to the listings. Prices are usually marked up for people to make lower offers. To know what would be a fair offer or asking price, you need to know what it’s worth.

Travel trailers generally retain their value over the years. They don’t have as many mechanical parts, so they don’t wear down as quickly. If you get a good deal on a trailer now, you can likely resell it for a profit in the future.

Size and Vehicle Compatibility

Understand your size specifications and vehicle towing capacity before you decide on a used trailer. The maximum weight your vehicle can tow limits your options. Consider the weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded. If you have unusual specifications and load parameters, it may be harder to find a used trailer with the size specs you need.

Previous Ownership

To verify the seller is the current owner, ask to see the title and registration. Ensure the VIN on the trailer matches the paperwork. Title and registration inconsistencies can indicate the trailer has been stolen.

You should also note how long the trailer has been unused. A trailer that has been out of service for a long period might have hidden mechanical issues.


A trailer’s flooring will give you insight into its condition. When you inspect it, look for any instability, and check floorboards for dampness and rot. Check any metal components for rust or corrosion.


Pay attention to how the trailer looks on the inside and outside. Rust, poor paint jobs, scratches, scrapes and dents are signs the trailer wasn’t maintained well. Look at the kingpin — indentations in the kingpin area might indicate damaged cross members. The cross members provide the trailer with stability and support for heavy loads. You do not want a trailer with damaged cross members.

If the outside was not well-maintained, then chances are the important electrical and mechanical aspects weren’t either.


The type of trailer you are shopping for determines its electrical features, such as brake lights, blinkers or interior lighting. Ensuring the electrical system functions properly is critical when buying a used trailer. Electrical and mechanical system repairs can be expensive, depending on the extent of the damage. Check all the electrical features, including the taillights, parking lights, connectors and indoor lighting. A bulb that has gone out is a lot cheaper to replace than a complete system rewiring.

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