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Sno Pro Trailers

Sno Pro Trailers

Sno Pro Snowmobile Trailers, 2 Place, 3 Place and 4 Place Snow Trailers. Lightweight, aluminum and affordable Snowmobile trailers.

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Trailer with a car inside driving in snowy road

Snowmobile Trailers

Snopro trailers incorporate quality, style and performance into every model in the product line. From the rugged-built 101-wide models to the aerodynamic inline units, Snopro trailers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, right here in central Maine. Combining the Snopro signature quality, a variety of trailer models, and a motherload of available options, you can finally own the snowmobile trailer of your dreams.

Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers

As the flagship of our enclosed snowmobile trailer lineup, the standard enclosed series represents quality, style and performance. With models designed to carry 2, 3, or 4 machines, you’ll have plenty of room for your sleds and gear. One haul with an enclosed Snopro trailer and you’ll understand why we’re the must-have brand for true winter enthusiasts.

Flat Deck Snowmobile Trailers

With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, we’ve got just the right open snow trailer to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re towing 2, 3, or even 4 sleds, our open snowmobile trailers are built to the same quality and specifications that you’ll find in our enclosed model lines.

Hybrid Snowmobile Trailers

The all-new HYBRID provides customers with benefits drawn from all of our popular trailer lines. Built on a flat trailer chassis, the all-new Hybrid is a fully enclosed unit with .030” exterior skin and a rear ramp door. Built with a tapered nose and front access door, styled after our signature cap design, the Hybrid is aerodynamic, extremely lightweight and as versatile as any other model in our lineup.