New York Testimonial – Lynn Newberry


I was traveling from upstate NY to Florida. Long story short I had just installed my new brake controller and was hauling a 33’ travel trailer. My trailer brakes kept locking up on me and I finally decided to pull over and get them checked out as it was very dangerous to continue. It was mid afternoon and they said they would look at it and see if they could determine the problem but doubted they could fix it that day. To my surprise not only did they determine and fix the original brake control problem but found another issue with the trailer wheel. The braking was so bad it had sheared bolts off the drum and they fixed that the same day also. They had me out on the road safely 2 1/2 hours later and at a reasonable price! BIG shout out to Matt, Daniel and Senjen! Thank you soooo much!

Lynn Newberry