Why Torsion Axle Suspensions are Best for Motorcycle Trailers

May 13, 2014

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As motorcycle models have grown over the years, so have the available options for motorcycle trailers. These haulers now come with customizable features that offer benefits which can both be aesthetically pleasing, and mechanically helpful.

Advantages of Torsion Axle Suspensions

When purchasing a trailer for your bike, experts agree that models that feature an independent rubber torsion axle suspension are superior to their peers. The torsion axle has a number of advantages over different suspensions, including ease of installation and maintenance, durability, easy replacement features, and most importantly, a smoother ride. When perusing the numerous motorcycle trailers for sale at your local retailer, be sure to pay close attention to the specs of your model, as the difference in suspension type can make all the difference in the world to the success of your haul and the safety of your bike.

Torsion Axle Suspensions & Safety

Experts, who have tested rubber torsion axle suspensions, agree that these models have smoother rides due to the independence of each of their axles. This feature allows every wheel to act on its own during travel, thus giving more control to the driver. Additionally, the rubber on the suspension itself offers unique vibration absorption, which allows for a significant reduction in road shock. This will lead to a boost in the safety of your bike during transit, as less vibration means reduced movement and a strident position for the trailer’s cargo.

Torsion Axle Suspensions Make Installation Easier

Another excellent feature of the rubber torsion axle suspension is that, as the payload of the trailer rises, the suspension will get stronger. From an assembly standpoint, the axles in this model have been fitted to the trailer with minimal bolt use. This feature allows for easy installation and assembling of the trailer. Since there is no connection of a metal to a metal, there is also reduction to the maintenance necessary. While the bearings will still need to be greased, there is no longer a need for lubrication, as there will be no parts to wear out over time. This is huge, not only from a maintenance standpoint but also from a durability outlook as well.

Choose a Torsion Axle Suspension When Purchasing Your Next Motorcycle Trailer

While researching motorcycle trailers for sale, be sure that your potential purchase includes a rubber torsion axle suspension. Experts agree that these models are more than worth the money as they mean a smoother ride, improved cargo safety, and a longer lifespan for your trailer.

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