What to Look For in Dump Trailers for Sale

Jul 14, 2014

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Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is one of the most useful kinds of trailers available, but it also has a much more complex design than a standard trailer. A dump trailer is essentially a steel bed designed to hold dirt, rocks and other materials, powered by a hydraulic pump to lift the bed so the material slides out of the bed. Like other products with complex engineering, you’ll find a huge range in quality on the market.

What Is a Dump Trailer?

A dump trailer works like a dump truck but without the vehicle portion. Instead, it attaches to another vehicle. These tractor-trailer combos have hydraulic hoists built into them to tilt the contents out of the bed. They’re great for transporting loose items like sand, gravel, metal scraps and building materials. You can also use a dump trailer to move equipment and machinery.

These trailers come in many different configurations, allowing you to choose the length, capacity and features that work best for your needs. Extra features like ramps and removable sides can make a dump trailer easier to use or more versatile.

What Are Dump Trailers Used For?

Dump trailers are versatile pieces of equipment. Some popular applications for dump trailers include:

  • Landscaping: You can fill up a dump trailer with mulch, topsoil, gravel and other loose items required for landscaping. Easily transport them to the site and unload them without any heavy lifting. A trailer is also great for moving equipment such as lawnmowers and skid steers. When you’re done with the job, you can also use the dump trailer to remove old shrubbery and waste.
  • Construction: Dump trailers can move large quantities of building supplies like lumber, cement and bricks. They’re also helpful for transporting equipment and tools, from backhoes and forklifts to ladders and generators. The dump trailer’s hydraulics can easily tilt the materials in the right place.
  • Waste removal: Large projects like remodels or moving often result in significant amounts of waste. Instead of renting a dumpster for these projects, a dump trailer can make quick work of taking old furniture, building components and trash bags to the landfill.

What to Look for When Buying a Dump Trailer

Like other large purchases, buying a dump trailer deserves some consideration. Look closely at the following factors when choosing a dump trailer:

1. Light vs. Heavy Duty

This is the first question you need to ask yourself, possibly before you even start looking at dump trailers for sale. Remember, your dump trailer will be built with its intended load in mind. The light-duty trailers are effective for homeowner use like grass and hay or light loads of denser materials.

Heavy-duty dump trailers often have two axles, high-gauge bed and trailer walls and impressive hydraulics, making them ideal for commercial use. They are built for gravel, sand and soil. When in doubt, it’s better to underutilize a heavy-duty dump trailer than push a light-duty trailer beyond its intended load.

Red Trailer Size

2. Size

The size of your trailer will affect the types of loads you can carry. Consider the width and length of the bed, the height of the side walls and the weight capacity of the overall trailer. The size of the bed affects the size of the items you can haul and the maneuverability of the trailer. If you need to get into tight spots, you may need a shorter bed. High side walls can be helpful when carrying loose materials.

Keep your weight capacity in mind, too. A heavy trailer adds to the weight, so remember to combine that with your expected cargo load to stay within weight limits.

3. Durability

In many ways, durability goes hand in hand with the above aspects but not always. Even when browsing heavy-duty dump trailers for sale, you will find a wide spectrum of quality. If you’re getting a light-duty trailer, you want the strongest one you can buy. In particular, look at the trailer brand name and check their history: do their hydraulics or axles wear out?

Look into the materials used in the trailer. Typically, they use aluminum, steel or galvanized steel. Aluminum is lightweight and more corrosion-resistant — two great qualities to have in something you need to haul outdoors.

4. Removable Sides

Now we’re starting to get into real perks. Removable sides may not sound like a big deal, but they can totally transform a job. This is especially true if you either need to spread your load of dirt over a large area because removable sides let you spread the dirt off the sides. They can also help you carry other loads that may not fit in your dump bed.

5. Slide-Out Ramps

Most dump trailer gates hinge at the top, not the bottom — but don’t think you’ll never wish you had a rear ramp. Rear slide-out ramps can greatly simplify the process of loading and unloading wheeled equipment, whether you’re hauling machinery or just using a wheelbarrow to move the materials off the truck.

6. Lock-In Accessories

It’ll happen eventually. You’ll raise the dump trailer and then realize you still had tools in there—which are now barriers. Lock-in tool trays and chests prevent this situation.

Dump Trailers for Sale

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