4 Great Uses for Enclosed Trailers

Dec 31, 2015

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car mate trailerLots of people own an open trailer and for simple hauling it can get the job done. But sometimes life is easier with an enclosed trailer—and not just if you own horses! Here are four great uses for enclosed trailers:

1. Hauling Snowmobiles

A big part of winter fun for outdoors lovers is getting to zip through forests and fields on your favorite snowmobile. There’s only one problem…. getting it from home to the place where you’re ready to ride! Many people live miles from the trails or private property where they like to use their snowmobiles, or want to meet up with friends for a ride together. Still, others live in places with mild winters and have to head north to get the most out of their snowmobiles. Either way, an enclosed cargo trailer can make a big difference. Enclosed trailers can be optimized for snowmobiles giving you plenty of space for your toys, your winter gear and a spare change of clothes—all of it protected from the elements in the winter landscape. Ideal for leaving your snowmobile mounted up and ready to go at a moment’s notice, without needing to dig it out of snow in the back of a pickup.

2. ATV’s

A good four wheeler gives you all the fun of a snowmobile, year round! But it comes with the same difficult question of transportation. Again, an enclosed ATV trailer comes to the rescue, helping you keep your four-wheeled buddy ready to go anytime you want, instead of hauling it in and out of the garage for every trip.

3. Motorcycles Are Made to be Ridden, Not Hauled

—at least most of the time. But we all know there are times you’ll need to haul your motorcycle, whether it’s when you’re moving, when you’re taking it for repairs, or simply because you have a classic bike you need to get to a show without exposure to the elements. A covered motorcycle trailer not only protects your bike, it can be customized with tool racks, cabinets and places for all your equipment.

4. Tools and Equipment

Many enclosed cargo trailers are used as utility trailers. They can be customized to haul tools you use for professional work, or used for all-purpose storage and hauling. Wheelchairs, power tools, musical instruments and just about anything else you can name can all be transported easily and safely in the right enclosed trailer.

What would you use an enclosed trailer for?

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