Innovative Trailer Features

Apr 29, 2024

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by allprotrailersuperstore

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by allprotrailersuperstore

Innovative Trailer Features

Trailers are versatile workhorses, letting you haul a range of cargo wherever you need to go. While a factory-standard model can work well enough, investing in trailer accessories to customize your hauler can be an excellent way to make it meet more specific needs.

Adding trailer features to your hauling equipment or choosing a model with specialized design elements will allow you to maximize convenience and efficiency while moving cargo. Take a look at some of the most innovative trailer features on the market today to see if they might be right for you.

1. Hydraulic Lift Gates

A hydraulic lift gate is a platform installed at the back of your trailer to help you lift and unload your heavy cargo. These devices use a hydraulic system to create the power needed for lifting and lowering heavy loads.

To use a lift gate, you simply push a button to make the hydraulic system lower the gate into position, allowing you to position your cargo so you can transfer it to the trailer. Once you arrive at the unloading point, you prepare the gate and move the load onto it, then press the button again — the gate will gently lower to the ground.

Hydraulic lift gates are valuable for anyone regularly loading and unloading heavy burdens. Here are some of the benefits they provide:

  • Easy loading and unloading: Hydraulic lift gates eliminate manual lifting for your operation. With the lift gates handling cargo loading and unloading, you can make the process easier and safer for everyone.
  • Ample load area: Trailer lift gates can accommodate a range of cargo sizes and weights, giving you a versatile tool to speed up loading and unloading.
  • Time savings: Hydraulic lift gates also save time. With a smooth loading process, you can complete work faster and more efficiently.

2. Drop-Down Sides

Drop-down sides are innovative utility trailer features that let you turn your trailer into a flatbed platform. Trailers with this feature have sides that drop down to the ground, eliminating the side barriers that can make loading and unloading difficult. They feature an easy-to-use release mechanism that quickly drops the sides when actuated. With easy access to your trailer’s cargo area, you can work faster and more efficiently.

The main benefits of drop-down sides include:

  • Easy access: Drop-down sides make unloading and loading easier than ever. Having access to multiple loading angles makes it easier to secure cargo on the trailer bed and lets you get creative with your loading, making more room for anything you may need to transport.
  • Extra room: Being able to lower your trailer sides also means you can fit larger items more easily. With permanent sides, you have to fit your cargo within the trailer bed. Drop-down sides let you load larger machinery or equipment onto trailers for transport.
  • Versatile loading: Drop-down sides also make loading unusually shaped cargo easier. Items like furniture, construction materials and pallets can all go on the trailer bed without being constrained by the side panels. Operators can adapt the trailer setup to suit each load, optimizing space utilization.

3. Removable Wheel Troughs

Wheel troughs hold spare trailer wheels in place to provide them with security and protection during transit. They’re often attached to the trailer to keep your spares handy. Removable versions give you the option to increase your trailer space on demand. More space means more versatility, letting you adapt your trailer to your changing needs.

Some of the benefits of removable wheel troughs are:

  • More cargo area: Taking the wheel trough off your trailer allows you to make room for larger loads. Remove this component and reinstall it as needed to create the perfect loading and unloading setup for your needs.
  • Expanded usability: Being able to change how space is utilized lets your trailer become a multipurpose platform. Having this flexibility makes your trailer more versatile so it can serve a wider range of uses.
  • Improved cargo safety: Wheel troughs are made with durable metal, so accidental contact with them during loading and unloading may damage your cargo. Removable wheel troughs allow you to protect more delicate items, reducing the likelihood of scratches or damage during transportation.

4. Wireless Brake Controllers

Wireless Brake Controllers

Trailer brakes are an essential part of staying safe while towing. While traditional trailer brakes use wired connections to work, wireless brake controllers work using Bluetooth technology. When you need to stop, your controller sends wireless signals to the trailer brakes, telling them to engage. You get seamless, convenient control over your trailer braking system without having to deal with wiring everything up.

If you’re considering wireless braking controllers, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Easy installation: With no wires to manage, wireless brake controllers make installation easier than ever. You can easily set up your brake controller with your phone and a Bluetooth connection. Enjoy hassle-free, wireless operation without sacrificing trailer control.
  • Reduced clutter: Having fewer wires connected means your vehicle interior is less cluttered. Operators can enjoy clean, organized cabins without wiring getting in the way.
  • Vehicle flexibility: Wireless brake controllers also offer more flexibility. Since they don’t need physical connections, you can easily transfer them between towing vehicles without having to coordinate additional brake controller installations.

5. Solar-Powered Vents/Lights

Solar-powered vents and lights are enclosed trailer accessories that give your hauler additional functionality while staying eco-friendly. Solar vents open on command to draw in fresh air, making your trailer more breathable, while solar-powered lights help improve visibility inside and outside the trailer.

Enjoy these benefits when you invest in solar accessories:

  • Zero power expenses: Solar-powered vents give you continuous ventilation on demand without needing batteries or an external power source. Along with making an enclosed trailer more comfortable, improving ventilation helps reduce moisture problems and odors.
  • Bright lighting: Solar-powered lights give you access to bright lighting without draining your battery power. You’ll improve trailer safety and make organization easier when you invest in quality lighting.
  • Sustainability: Investing in solar energy also means furthering sustainability efforts. You’ll cut your fossil fuel use and reduce your carbon emissions by choosing greener accessories for your trailer. This option is excellent for businesses trying to build a reputation for being eco-friendly.

Shop Trailer Accessories From All Pro Trailer Superstore

Shop Trailer Accessories From All Pro Trailer Superstore

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