Bri-Mar trailers are some of the best and most highly sought after dump trailers on the market right now. At The Trailer Superstore, we’re proud to not only have a great selection of Bri-Mar trailers for sale in stock, but to also have a handful of fantastic clearance models and hot deals available which are sure to move quickly off the lot.

With two acres of property and 14,000 square feet of showroom space, you might not think that we have to clear out inventory to make room for new models and arrivals. But we’re always turning around our selection as quickly as possible, offering great deals and huge savings to consumers who are ready to pounce on a big sale when they see one.

Great Prices on All Bri-Mar Trailers

That’s the case with our lineup of Bri-Mar trailers right now, with some of their best models moving off the lot at truly fantastic prices. For example, there is a Bri-Mar 7×12 dump trailer 12K Ladder Ramps model with an 8,660 lb payload capacity, brakes, side ladder ramps and various other features in both black and red colors available at only $6,099, which means we slashed the prices by $400 to offer you amazing instant savings.

It doesn’t stop there though. Just take a look at our 7×14 Bri-Mar dump trailer 14K Combo Gate model, with a 10,445 lb load capacity, 7,000 lb spring axles, brakes and available in yellow, black or grey. Originally listed at $7,699, it’s now being sold at just $7,099, with an amazing $600 discount!

These are just a few of the examples of the great deals and discounts on Bri-Mar Trailers that we are offering. All told, we have a dozen models for sale right now, across all sizes, capacities and price ranges. It starts with an affordable and efficient 5×8 dump trailer 3K Spreader Gate model from Bri-Mar for just $2,999, and sizes increase all the way up to that 7×14 14K Combo Gate mentioned above with the great clearance deal.

Save on Bri-Mar Trailers at Trailer Superstore

We also offer instant trailer financing, buy backs and other incentives, in addition to our customization and repair services. Pick up your Bri-Mar trailer onsite and we can offer you a special Travelers Discount, or receive nationwide delivery for the utmost in convenience.

Call us today at 800.622.7003 for more information on our lineup of Bri-Mar trailers for sale and the current hot prices and big discounts which are available, or see the full selection of hot deals on the website.


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