How to Buy a Trailer without Overspending

Jul 24, 2015

Last Updated on February 7, 2024 by John Myers

Last Updated on February 7, 2024 by allprotrailersuperstore

If you need a trailer, then two things are certain: you need it to stand up to serious use, and you have a budget. Unfortunately, all too often those two facts don’t go hand in hand. There are plenty of cheap trailers out there, but they are rarely the kinds that are built to last or have high load allowances for their size and type. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of high-quality trailers in the world, but often at a price tag that’s eye-poppingly high. So if you’re looking to buy a trailer, how can you get the best of both worlds?

There is a solution, and it’s so simple that many trailer buyers overlook it. That solution is to shop exclusively for trailers on clearance. Clearance trailers allow you to get high-end, well-built trailers that are best in class at as much as half off the sticker price. These are new trailers, not used, but they are on clearance and priced to move quickly. Sound too good to believe? There are many reasons why a good, new trailer is put on clearance:

1.  Used for demos – Dealers and manufacturers have to show off their goods, and that means putting brand new trailers to use at shows and demonstrations. Generally, these trailers have been transported to show locations and then loaded up for a few days of showing off. They are used lightly and gently because they have to look their best for the audience. Still, you cannot take a demo model and sell it at the full, brand-new price, meaning that our loss is your gain.

2.  Leftovers – Sometimes, a manufacturer will stop making a model of trailer or there will simply be newer models out that we are interested in stocking instead. In order to clear the old inventory, we offer big discounts on the price of these last trailers.

3.  Scratch & dent – What happens if a trailer suffers a minor scratch, ding or dent—before it leaves the lot? Discounts, that’s what. Scratch & dent trailers are those that have suffered minor superficial damage, often during shipping or unloading. In other cases, this damage is caused by weather, such as when trailers sitting out on display are struck with hail. The damage is purely cosmetic, but the discounts run deep.

4.  Overstock – Dealers try to order just as many trailers as they think they can sell, but sometimes they guess wrong. That means unsold overstock trailers have to be cleared out to make way for newer models.

Looking at clearance models is a great way to buy a trailer and get quality without spending a lot of money. Check out our inventory at All Pro Trailer Superstore for our great selection of clearance trailers!