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Luggage Trailers: The Cargo Space Solution For Smaller, Energy Efficient Vehicles

Aug 08, 2008

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Desperate to downsize their vehicles but not wanting to give up their cargo room, Americans look to Luggage Trailers as the solutionLuggage Trailers by All Pro Trailer Superstore


Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB) August 08, 2008

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) August 8, 2008 — Cargo Trailers and Luggage Trailers are designed to be towed behind smaller vehicles and are becoming increasingly more popular as Americans downsize to more fuel efficient automobiles. With gas prices at a record high, there’s no doubt that crossover vehicles are more energy efficient and as a result will cost less to operate, but those who decide to switch over to them will have to make some significant trade-offs. When compared to Trucks and SUV’s, Crossovers do not provide comparable cargo capabilities.

“Just because you’ve decided to give up the luxury of extra cargo room in your vehicle, however, doesn’t mean you have to leave the golf clubs, bikes, camping gear and extra suitcases behind this summer,” remarks Tammy Smith, Marketing Director for All Pro TRAILER SUPERSTORE “All Pro offers a number of solutions for people who need to carry more than their smaller cars or CUV’s can handle.” Even in the largest of Crossover Utility Vehicles there is little room left for luggage after all the seats are filled. For a long trip, this becomes a real problem.

Small in size but big in capability, All Pro’s 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 trailers are perfect for towing behind today’s smaller wagons, minivans, and SUV’s where extra cargo capacity is a necessity. These small trailers can easily haul the entire family’s luggage, as well as, coolers, beach chairs, bicycles, kayaks and camping gear. “Luggage Trailers also offer convenient access to your valuables and protect your cargo from theft and inclimate weather” continues Smith “Unlike hitch mounted cargo baskets, bike racks and roof top luggage racks which are hard to access, load and unload and leave the cargo exposed.”

Small Cargo Trailers are lightweight and can easily be maneuvered by hand and their compact size allows them to be positioned easily in parking lots, hotel parking spaces and stored easily in home garages. All Pro offers a variety of small Luggage Trailers in various sizes and weights to fit all vehicles and budgets and are available with double, single or ramp rear doors, side cargo doors and pop up lids. Small Cargo Trailers are ideal for vacationers, weekend warriors, outdoor sports enthusiast and small business owners and also make excellent Mobility Trailers for wheelchairs and electric scooters with ramps to drive up.

It’s true, the expansive cargo room of larger SUV’s have made road trips and taking long vacations very convenient in the past, however most families are finding that they do not require all the added cargo room of a larger, more powerful SUV on a daily basis for commuting to work or driving around town. “Typically the use of a large SUV’s added cargo space is only required a few times a year” replies Smith “Buy owning a versatile compact cargo trailer that can handle all your storage and cargo needs when traveling, consumers can now opted to drive a more fuel efficient, luxurious car or CUV on a daily basis and save their money.” Smith continues “Every family in American could benefit from owning a small Enclosed Cargo Trailer.”

All Pro is easily accessible from Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and New York and offers a Traveler’s Discount to consumers traveling to their Trailer Superstore to purchase a New Trailer. The Trailer Superstore also offers Trailer Financing, Trailer Delivery and specializes in Trailer Accessories and Customization.

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