SaltDogg Inbed Salt Spreader .75 Cubic Yard #SHPE0750

Item#: SHPE0750
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Price: $2,999.00


Spread Material: bulk salt, salt & sand mix, Feed Mechanism: 2-1/2″ stainless steel auger and trough, Power Source: electric, Capacity: 0.75 cu. yds., Double-wall poly-molded hopper, Material spread up to 30′, Two 12 VDC direct drive gear motors (1/2 HP for auger, 1/4 HP for spinner), 2-1/2″ diameter stainless steel auger and trough, Spinner assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and storage, Includes 200 lb. vibrator, top screen, tarp, tie-downs, remote auger bearing grease kit

  • Condition:new
  • Model#:SHPE0750
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