Trailer Accessories to Optimize and Personalize Your Trailer

Aug 03, 2016

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Trailer Flooring

For your trailer, choosing protective flooring that will stay clean can help your trailer stay attractive and functional for years to come. And options like diamond plate trailer flooring will add even more durability and long-lasting protection.

Many trailer owners choose to customize their flooring for aesthetic purposes, with many choosing the popular checkerboard flooring option for that classic “car shop” look.

Trailer Cabinets

Installing cabinets in your trailer can exponentially increase the functionality and organization of your trailer, providing safe and organized storage and transport of supplies and tools.

Trailer cabinets can also coordinate with your trailer flooring to help your look and feel like a finished space. Cabinets can be customized to best fit your needs and your space’s aesthetic with options like floor and wall-mounted units and a variety of colors and styles.

Landscape Trailer Accessories

Landscapers with enclosed trailers have a specialized set of needs, meaning that the best trailer accessories are a must. Trailer accessories help to optimize your space, meaning that you can purchase a smaller trailer and complete jobs more quickly.

Enclosed trailer landscape accessory options include:

  • Hook racks for spare belts, hoses, cords and more
  • Expandable bins for quarts of oil and lubricants
  • Racks for hedge trimmers, chainsaws or anything with a loop-style handle
  • Trim line racks for spools of wire
  • Specialized racks for beverage coolers, gas cans, spare tires, shovels, blowers, edgers, trimmers and more
  • Adjustable shelves

Options are also available for landscapers with open trailers, like trim line racks, blower racks, shovel holders, manufacturing basket kits and more.

Roof Vents

Roof vent covers provide enclosed trailers with much-needed circulation and ventilation. Covers guard against the elements, meaning that regardless of the weather, you can supply fresh air into the otherwise stuffy environment of your enclosed trailer.

This option is particularly recommended if you:

  • Spend long periods of time in your enclosed trailers
  • Live in an area with extreme weather conditions
  • Store valuable items in your trailer that could be damaged by temperatures and lack of ventilation