What to Do When Moving Your Motorbike

Oct 27, 2014

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After months of planning and saving, you’re finally ready to move. After spending so much time planning for the move, doing the actual work involved in the process can seem extra tiring. Packing all of your personal possessions and trying to sort them can be difficult and time-consuming, but sometimes the smallest of your items can be the least of your concerns. You can easily pack away clothes, electronics, and other personal belongings, but what about your motorcycles and bikes?

Taking a road trip in a car is one thing, but taking one on a motorcycle is a completely different matter. The weather, season, and timing can make just riding a motorcycle to your new home difficult. But there still is a way for you to get your bike to your new home efficiently. Before we get into that, we should mention something . . .

Motorbike Shipping Can Be Expensive

If you’re thinking of using a vehicle shipping company, you should know that it can cost a lot more than you might think it would. When most people start to plan out the vehicle-moving process, they usually base their estimates on how much a regular moving company would cost. However, specialty services like vehicle transit can cost quite a bit extra. If you’re on a budget, you might be better off finding a different way to move any vehicles. In fact, to avoid the hassle of having to arrange for vehicle transit in the future, you could . . .

Purchase a Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle trailers can be a great investment, even if you don’t plan on relocating again after this move. If you like to travel and wish that you had more opportunities to take your bike on the open road, a trailer could help you get your bikes to your next vacation destination easily. If you’re planning on driving, you can easily hitch your trailer and load your bikes without assistance.

How to Load a Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle trailers are easy to use, but you can’t just toss the bikes on them, hitch up, and drive off. Get a package of zip-ties, and be sure to secure all of the loose parts on your bike. Also be sure that your bike is as secure as possible when you strap it down, and before you leave. You can never be too cautious when it comes to transporting your bikes.

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