6 Ways to Use Tilt Trailers

Jul 03, 2024

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A tilt trailer with the ramp down

Trailers are power horses that enhance operations in settings that require lifting and moving heavy loads. Tilt trailers, in particular, are renowned for their advanced capabilities, which set them apart from other trailers. With their unique tilting feature, these heavy-duty tools have revolutionized heavy equipment towing.

Unlike the traditional flatbed trailer, the tilt trailer uses a hydraulic system or gravity to tilt back its bed or deck. The adjustable bed tilts into a gentle slope, simplifying the process of loading and unloading goods, a feature that makes it more convenient and effective.

Types of Tilt Trailers

There are two categories of tilt trailers designed based on functionality and user preference, which comprise some of the most innovative trailer features. These categories are full-tilt and industrial tilt deck trailers:

  • Full tilt deck: These trailers tilt their entire decks for maximum accommodation. Since the deck acts as a ramp, it easily accommodates heavy machinery and equipment. These types of tilt trailers are suitable for loads that require rolling or sliding up and down the inclined surface, such as steel pipes, vehicles and various machinery.
  • Industrial deck: Industrial decks have a fixed front end and a tilting back end. This feature allows the rear half to tilt at varying degrees, suitable for different transportation needs.

How Does a Tilt Trailer Work?

Tilt trailers are designed to operate on two different mechanisms, which further subdivide them into two subcategories — hydraulic tilt and sliding tilt.

Hydraulic tilt trailers function by utilizing the hydraulic system through compact power units. Triggering the system pressurizes the deck to tilt for loading and offloading goods. On the other hand, the sliding tilt has a simpler mechanism that allows you to adjust the deck manually and lock it in position.

Benefits of Using Tilt Trailers

Here are benefits unique to tilt trailers that give them an edge over traditional flatbed trailers:

  • Convenience: All trailers perform the same heavy-duty tasks. However, loading and offloading heavy equipment, such as concrete slabs or skid-steers, works best with tilt trailers because you must consider different factors that impact hauling heavy equipment. Since the deck tilts all the way, it eliminates the need for removable or retractable ramps, allowing you to move bulky loads directly on or off the bed efficiently.
  • Safety: Heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of injuries and illnesses in service industries. Tilting decks provide a lasting solution by eliminating the need to maneuver heavy loads up and down ramps. Considering ramps present the risk of slipping or tipping over due to lack of proper alignment, a tilting deck is the safest solution to moving loads on and off trailers.
  • Versatility: Since tilt trailers do not require strenuous manual work, they are suitable for different types of loads with varying degrees of weight. While they are fit for heavy goods like cars and household items, they can also accommodate ultra-heavy equipment like construction machinery.
  • Time-savings: The tilt system provides better weight distribution and balance, lessening strain on the vehicle and trailer. The lack of tramps and direct use of the deck streamlines loading and offloading, allowing workers to save time on every task.

6 Ways to Use Tilt Trailers

Learn how to use a tilt trailer with these six applications

Tilt trailers are some of the most diverse hauling equipment used in multiple applications. Learn how to use a tilt trailer with these practical ways for enhanced productivity and convenience:

1. Construction

The construction industry employs large and heavy materials that require transporting to project sites. While there are other hauling options for most construction materials, ultra-large and heavy equipment are safer and more convenient to haul using tilt trailers. Moving scrap metal and debris from construction sites is also faster and more convenient with trailers that tilt all the way.

Additionally, heavy-duty tilt trailers offer stable loading and unloading in settings where poor road conditions and bad weather are a factor. Some of the common construction equipment you can move efficiently with tilt trailers Include:

  • Concrete buckets
  • Skid steers
  • Compactors
  • Prefab structures
  • Excavators
  • Piping
  • Concrete

2. Auto Transportation

Automotive companies are some of the heavy-hauling players that rely on tilt trailers to transport their inventory. Since vehicles are heavy cargo that presents loading and unloading challenges, tilt trailers offer a safer and more secure solution. For personal use, transporting cars, boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other automobiles will be more efficient with a tilt deck trailer.

3. Landscaping

Landscapers find tilt trailers useful for moving supplies. Compared to a truck bed, trailers offer more room to fit lawn care materials and equipment. If you’re in landscaping, hauling bulky supplies will be easier to move with a tilt trailer. Here are common landscaping materials suitable for hauling with tilt trailers:

  • Landscaping furniture
  • Rocks, gravel and soil
  • Lawnmowers
  • Paving slabs
  • Wall blocks
  • Timber

4. Agriculture

Framers can get tilt trailers designed for agricultural purposes. These are useful in moving bales of hay and heavy farming equipment like tractors. Depending on your agricultural needs, you can look into customized options for specific tasks. Moving livestock, for instance, would be ideal with enclosed trailers with tilt decks, which facilitate safety and easy movement of animals on and off the deck.

5. Household Items

Tilt trailers can effectively transport household items outside work environments. When remodeling, redecorating or moving, an enclosed trailer with tilt functionality would be the ideal tool for housing household items. Considering these are heavy-duty trailers, they are suitable for transporting bulky items such as furniture and electronics.

6. Manufacturing Equipment

Tilt trailers are common in manufacturing and other industries that require transporting and moving heavy equipment. Their tilting deck and robust design make them effective in loading and unloading bulky cargo, including oversized loads that may not fit well in track beds. Some of the heavy machinery and equipment in the manufacturing industry usually transported in tilt trailers include:

  • Industrial storage tanks
  • Industrial centrifuge machines
  • Industrial generators
  • industrial compressors
  • Industrial pipes

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