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Feb 27, 2020

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As we approach the holiday season and colder weather conditions, those who are looking to make extra cash may look into snowplowing as an option. Snowplowing is certainly a viable option to earn extra money and ensure a safe local neighborhood for your family and others, but it does require some know-how.

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Choosing the Right Snowplow

It begins with buying a quality snowplow. In addition to cargo trailers, utility trailers and motorcycle trailers, you can also find a steady supply of snowplows here at the Trailer Superstore. With a wide variety of snow plows from leading manufacturers like SnowDogg, SaltDogg and Hiniker, there’s no doubt that you’ll find a quality snow plow at the Trailer Superstore that’s also affordable.

Tips for Safely Operating a Snowplow

However, what should you know in regard to the operation of a snow plow? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ease off the Gas, Speed Demon: When operating your snow plow, remember that you are in control of a very large vehicle that is being used on less than stellar conditions. You should never go over 40 when you’re transporting a plow, and if you’re operating one, 15 miles per hour is the maximum you should be going.
  • Positioning the Plow: Another mistake novice snowplow drivers make is the position that they transport the plow. Always make sure to position the plow, so it doesn’t impede vision in any way. In addition, try to avoid blocking too much airflow to the radiator. A common problem faced by plow operators is overheating of the engine due to lack of air flow and putting the transmission into overdrive.
  • Wear a seatbelt: This is a given. Always remember to buckle before you turn on the ignition.
  • Don’t rely on mirrors alone: Mirrors are not enough when backing up with your snow plow. Always remember to look back when backing up to avoid any obstacles or potential hazards.

What Is the Best Snow Plow to Buy?


Buying a plow is an investment that can serve you and your community for a long time.

The best plow to buy depends on your needs and intended use. It’s critical to choose a durable plow that’s built to last. You’ll also want to buy a plow from a reputable dealer who will be there to assist you during and after you make a purchase.

When it comes to choosing the best material for your plow, you have two main choices — polyethylene (poly) or steel. Poly and steel are both high quality materials for a plow but have their differences.

Poly is best for corrosion resistance, while steel has excellent cutting abilities. However, stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance in addition to its durability. You can expect high-quality and outstanding performance with all SnowDogg plows.

How Wide Should a Snow Plow Be?

The width of the plow should suit the front gross axle weight rating (FGAWR) of your vehicle. It also helps to know the rear gross axle weight rating (RGAWR) and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The GVWR is not how much your vehicle weighs but represents the weight limit. The GVWR is usually found on a label in the door frame. Generally, heavier trucks can handle wider blades. You can also call your vehicle manufacturer to find out how much weight your truck can haul.

Knowing how much your vehicle can carry on its front axle is the first thing you’ll want to consider when shopping for a plow. Also, think about whether you plan to do residential or commercial plowing to help you select the right size and shape. At Trailer Superstore, we offer a range of plow sizes for small trucks and large vehicles. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you make the best choice for your needs and budget.

What Is the Best Salt Spreader for Sidewalks?

A walk-behind spreader is the best tool for salting sidewalks and narrow pathways. A walk-behind spreader allows you to spread salt efficiently and evenly and helps prevent oversalting.

How to Maintain Snow Plows and Spreaders

Year after year of harsh winter weather takes its toll, even on the toughest pieces of equipment. Proper equipment maintenance helps extend equipment lifespans and ensures plows and spreaders work to their full capacities.

It’s a good idea to inspect equipment in the summer or fall and make repairs if needed. You’ll also want to check equipment after every storm.

Here are more maintenance tips to help you make the most of your wintertime tools:

  • Inspect parts for damage: Check the moldboard and cutting edge condition of your plow and look for cracks. Make sure cutting edges are correctly aligned and replace excessively worn shoes. Inspect hoses, the plow power unit and other important parts. Mount, load and test the spreader. Inspect the spreader spinner, auger, pumps, hoses, controls and fittings. Look for any loose or missing bolts.
  • Check fluids and lubricate: Check hydraulic fluid and change after each season. Keep moving parts lubricated.
  • Wash equipment: Clean, wash and allow equipment to dry after each storm. Make sure to empty and clean the salt spreader after each use and rinse the salt off your blade. Washing equipment extends its life, improves efficiency and minimizes corrosion.
  • Calibrate spreaders: You should calibrate your salt spreader before each season, a couple of times during the season and any time you change the material. The goal is to calibrate application rates for the minimum amount of salt required. You’ll need a helping hand to complete this process. One person will measure the output while the other will control the spreader. Document the settings and amounts of material used.

How to Store Snow Plows and Spreaders

How you store your winter maintenance equipment is just as crucial as making repairs and inspecting components for damage. Generally, you want to make sure your pieces are clean, dry and protected from the elements when they are not in use. Proper storage protects plows and spreaders from corrosion, damage and theft. It also keeps materials in great shape throughout the summer, so you don’t have to replace them when winter rolls around again. Just consider the storage facility location, size and accessibility so you can easily remove your equipment when its time to prepare for the season. Here are other simple tips for proper equipment storage:

  • Never store plows or spreaders without cleaning them first.
  • Remove equipment from vehicles and repair any damaged parts before storing them.
  • Store plows on a pallet indoors or covered with a tarp.
  • Store equipment in a dry, secure location.
  • Properly store salt to prevent runoff.
  • Make sure the equipment is kept off of the floor and protected from precipitation.

At All Pro Trailer Superstore, we make it easy to select the best commercial snow plow and salt spreader for your truck.

We offer a vast selection of new and used snow plows, salt spreaders and trailers from manufacturers you can trust. And, we’re excited to consider your needs and help you choose. Our knowledgeable team is driven to go beyond customer expectations and assist you before, during and after purchasing winter maintenance equipment.

To buy your equipment, you can browse our selection now or contact our team for information and guidance. Don’t live near our showroom in central Pennsylvania? No problem. We offer delivery services nationwide and internationally.

If you’re concerned about budget, we got you covered with that, too. We’re committed to helping all of our customers obtain the equipment they need for their homes or businesses, and we partner with Sheffield Financial to offer financing services for customers.

Whether you’re wondering how to use a salt spreader or which type of plow to buy for your truck, our professionals are ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice.

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There are many reasons to love the winter, such as picturesque snowy hillsides and holiday celebrations. But as any snowy region resident knows, driving in the winter is a different story. It’s hard to enjoy driving when roads are slippery and dangerous. It might seem easier and safer to stay inside when a snowstorm strikes.

Businesses and homeowners don’t need to close their doors during the winter. Snow plows and salt dispensers give you control of your property and allow you to clear the way for customers, employees and yourself. With winter maintenance equipment, you can keep business running all winter long and prevent snow-related injuries.

At All Pro Trailer Superstore, we understand that businesses and homeowners need access to roads, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways at all times. We also know how frustrating it can be to handle snow and ice without the proper equipment. We offer high-quality plows and spreaders from top names to ensure our customers can make snow and ice removal a simple, fast and effective process. Whether you’re looking for salt spreaders or snow plows for sale, we’re here to offer great deals, unbeatable customer service and high-performing equipment. Browse our selection of plows and spreaders, or contact our team to learn more.

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