Tips on Preparing for that First Car Show

Feb 21, 2014

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Do you have a hot rod or classic car that you want to show to other like-minded owners and enthusiasts? If so, you might want to consider enlisting it at a classic car show. Here you will get the most exposure, have the opportunity to network with others and you might even win a trophy. If you’re new to the car show scene and are looking to get started here are a few things to keep in mind:

Finding a Car Show

For the most part, it’s very likely that there is a car show near you. There are a number of different resources out there to help you find one. If you have trade publications, you’ll often find listings here. We find that the easiest way to find car shows in your area is to go online., for example, is a great resource that lists every classic car show/hot rod show in the United States.

Transporting Your Vehicle

Yes, it is a car, but you’re most likely not going to want to drive your hot rod or classic car to the auto show. We’re assuming interstate highways aren’t the best way to preserve your automobile. You’ll need a dependable car trailer to transport your vehicle. You’ll need one that meets your budget as well. Come to the Trailer Superstore to get the best deals on car trailers. In addition to great prices, we also offer a number of used car trailers for additional savings. Our inventory turns over all of the time, so the best way to find the best used car trailer for you is to come to the lot. We know a few things about car shows as well. The Carlisle Car Show is close by.


Most car shows will have a registration fee. In addition, you’ll need to have certain information on-hand, including the make, model and VIN number. Although most car shows have similar guidelines, it’s never a bad idea to read over the guidelines of the particular car show just to make sure there aren’t any specifications that are new. When it comes time to bring the car or hot rod to the show, make sure to take care of any last minute detailing and other issues to keep your car its best. For more information on car trailers, please contact us today. A helpful representative will be happy to discuss our inventory as well as financing options.

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