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Trailer Customization Services: Custom Trailer Work

The Trailer Superstore is your go-to destination when you’re looking for trailer customization work. We offer a complete range of custom trailer services, whether you’re looking for a portable shop on wheels for cars and motorcycles, a luxurious lounge complete with lighting and electronics, or anything in between.

We are professionals at designing the trailer around your precious cargo.

    CLEARANCE! ATC 7 x 12 Aluminum Enclosed Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer - Plus Package
    Price: $35,999.00
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    ATC 7 x 16 Aluminum Cargo Trailer - Motorcycle Plus Package
    Price: $17,499.00
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    CLEARANCE! ATC 8.5 x 24 ARV Aluminum Toy Hauler - Custom Living Quarters
    Price: $64,999.00
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    ATC 8.5 x 24 CH305 Aluminum Car Hauler - Black Trim Package
    Price: $44,499.00
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    ATC 8.5 x 44 Enclosed Gooseneck Car Trailer - CH305 Package
    Price: $66,499.00
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    ATC 8.5 x 18 V-Nose Aluminum Car Hauler - Blackout Package
    Price: $20,999.00
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    Custom-Built Trailers for Sale

    At All Pro Trailer Superstore, we offer custom utility trailers and more. If you cannot find the option you want, why not build a custom option with us? We can help you start with one of our currently available trailers and then turn it into the trailer of your dreams. We can customize or swap out standard parts and components and add upgrades, such as LED lighting, couches and more.

    Custom Enclosed Trailers

    One of our biggest options is custom enclosed trailers for your cars. This is a great investment if you have a car that needs extra care and a place to avoid the elements. A custom enclosed trailer provides a safe and easy way to transport your cars from one place to another. With a customized option, you can create a trailer that perfectly complements the car you love and includes any upgrades like side get-out doors, cabinets, tire racks, finished interiors or other options that were missing in the original model you liked.

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    How to Determine if You Need a Custom Trailer

    When it comes to your personal and professional applications, choosing the right trailer is essential. As you search, you might be disappointed to discover that no options on the lot feature everything you need for a perfect fit. If you have a trailer concept in mind but can't find the pre-built designs to make it a reality, a custom trailer might be what you're looking for.

    Have you been looking for a trailer that's shorter or taller than the ones most lots provide? The team at All Pro Trailer Superstore can tailor your custom trailer to your exact size specifications. Whether you need the smallest option possible to haul yard waste or a large trailer to transport livestock or vehicles, you can design to your exact length and height specifications.

    You might also need a custom trailer if you have specific weight requirements. If your haul vehicle can't pull the load weight of your trailer, the struggle could result in frequent vehicle repairs or a serious blowup. Our team will help you figure out your max load weight so that your vehicle can pull the trailer easily, efficiently and — most importantly — safely.

    The Flexibility of a Custom Trailer

    Custom trailers offer superior flexibility over traditional options. You and your trailer's designers can work together to create an optimal combination of specs and features. Some of the many options you can fit to meet your needs include:

    • Custom heights, weights and lengths
    • Non-traditional window and door options
    • Unique storage areas
    • Lighting and electricity
    • Other accessories

    No matter what your specifications are, All Pro Trailer Superstore will help you find the custom trailer design of your dreams. In addition to trailers, we offer financing, inspections and customization to help you get everything you need in one place.

    Contact All Pro Trailer Superstore Today

    No matter what you’re looking for, we have the experience and skill with custom trailers to ensure we get the job done. Give us a call at 800.622.7003 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information on our in-house customization and design department services. Additionally, feel free to browse through our collection of trailer customization photos to see some of the many trailer customization jobs we’ve completed. Or, visit our interactive custom trailers creation page, and request a pricing quote.

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