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Alex Bobb

Snow Removal Tips

Nov 08, 2022

Snow heralds the holidays, winter breaks and snow fun. For many, snow also presents a new set of winter challenges. Snow and ice can create dangerous conditions for people walking and driving. Snow removal must be a priority for everyone living in winter regions. Whether you stick to your trusty snow shovel or invest in […]

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How to Tow a Trailer

Mar 25, 2022

When it comes to towing a trailer, there are many critical factors to consider, including the capacity of your towing vehicle, the weight of the load and various other factors. You’ll also need to learn a few skills, including how to hook up the trailer, pack the trailer and, of course, how to tow a […]

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Snow Plows and Spreader Equipment

Feb 27, 2020

  As we approach the holiday season and colder weather conditions, those who are looking to make extra cash may look into snowplowing as an option. Snowplowing is certainly a viable option to earn extra money and ensure a safe local neighborhood for your family and others, but it does require some know-how. Table of […]

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What Are Salt Spreaders?

Feb 26, 2020

It’s true — nothing beats a plow when it comes to snow removal. However, if you want to get down to the bare pavement, you’ll need some assistance. This is where salt spreaders come in handy. You’ve probably walked on a salt-covered sidewalk before during the winter. Chances are, you appreciated walking on salt rather […]

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What Are Snow Plows?

Feb 25, 2020

Snow plows help businesses and homeowners quickly and safely remove snow from their property. They’ve been around since the 19th century when snow removal became a necessity in cities like New York and Chicago. One of the first known uses of a snow plow occurred in 1862 in Milwaukee when horses pulled a cart with […]

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How to Practice Safe Trailer Towing

Jul 26, 2019

Don’t let safe towing become a drag on your trip. Learn to load, drive and maintain your trailer to make it safer to use. You wouldn’t get behind the wheel without knowing how to drive your vehicle, so why would you haul anything without knowing how to safely manage your trailer? Make the time to […]

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What Is a Gooseneck Trailer and Should I Buy One?

Apr 24, 2017

When it comes to transporting large loads across vast distances, experienced towers will know that there’s really no question when it comes to choosing between traditional bumper pull and gooseneck trailers. What Is a Gooseneck Trailer and How Does It Work? A gooseneck trailer is a heavy-duty trailer that’s built to simplify workloads, whether you […]

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Tips for Choosing a Tow Dolly for Your Car When Traveling

Jul 12, 2016

We’re in the middle of summer, which means countless people will embark on the summer road trip. Whether you’re going across the state or across the country, there’s nothing like a major summer road trip where you can see places you haven’t seen before and disconnect from the world. In fact, you might like it […]

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Prepping Your Vehicle For Towing A Trailer

Feb 17, 2016

Preparing to tow a trailer with your vehicle is like preparing to hike with a backpack. If you’ve gone hiking, than you might understand this reference. But if not, here’s the short story: hikers strategically plan and pack their essentials in the most conscious way possible in terms of weight. This is due to the […]

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