Eric Miller

What Is Hotshot Trucking?

Sep 25, 2023

Hotshot trucking is a great entry point into the world of truck driving and hauling, offering an on-demand form of load delivery. It can also be a lucrative side gig for anyone with a good truck and a trailer. If you’re interested in this kind of work, stick around for our guide to hotshot trucking. […]

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What Are Some Different Uses for Trailers?

Aug 24, 2022

A trailer is good for hauling your supplies, commercial equipment and spare vehicles, but what else can you use one for? Keep reading to learn about the most common trailer uses. Table of Contents Top Uses for Trailers Lawn Care Equipment Construction Materials Furniture Debris and Trash Recreational Vehicles Livestock Scrap Metal and Recycling Materials […]

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Step-Up vs. Ramp Horse Trailers

Mar 26, 2020

Loading a horse safely into a trailer can feel part art and part science. On one hand, you must prioritize the comfort of your horse. Rushing or goading into a trailer bed is a sure way to excite hesitation, even fear, from your animal, resulting in serious accidents. Yet on the other, loading should take […]

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Winter Weather Road Affects | All Pro Trailer Superstore

Feb 24, 2020

Can you remember snowball fights or celebrating snow days? While winter may be a fun season for kids, it’s often a frustrating time of year for adults or anyone who has to travel regularly. Drivers know how dangerous and time consuming it can be to traverse snowy or icy roads. Thankfully, snow plows and salt […]

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A Case for Enclosed Trailers

Jun 13, 2019

No matter what the season of the year, an enclosed trailer offers a number of affordaces to the protect your cargo from rain, snow, sleet, ice and whatever else Mother Nature has up its sleeve.

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Preparing to Trade-In a Trailer

Mar 26, 2019

As trailer owners, we all love our trailers, but we’ve also always got our eye out for something that’s just a little bit better. No matter how faithful our current trailers are, it’s perfectly natural to keep watch for something that’s step larger, a touch more efficient or even a bit more technologically advanced. Or […]

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Tips for Driving With a Large Trailer

Feb 12, 2019

Always prepare for any situation whether you’re towing a single item or several machines. It’s imperative to be proactive and think ahead when you have a towing device behind you. Performing a routine check before each haul is your first consideration for a safe drive. Start by checking your owner’s manual as well as your […]

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Buying vs. Renting a Trailer

Nov 06, 2018

When you’re in the trailer market, you’re faced with a lot of options. The biggest challenge is getting exactly what you need for precisely what you can afford. The trick is to think long term — consider the entire time you’ll be requiring your trailer. Take a step back and analyze your situation. Is acquiring […]

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Converting a Cargo Trailer into a Home on Wheels | All Pro

Aug 31, 2017

Are you someone who enjoys road trips but are only usually able to travel with what you can fit in your car or truck? Well, the Trailer Superstore has a solution for you that will give you plenty of room to pack what you need and provide a nice place to sleep no matter where […]

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Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Utility Trailers | All Pro

Aug 14, 2017

Utility trailers are known for being able to handle various needs. They’re commonly used to haul cars, recreational vehicles, landscaping or contracting equipment, livestock, boats, and trash or debris. But if you own a utility trailer or are interested in purchasing one of our new or used utility trailers for sale, here are a few […]

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