Matthew Sholly

How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller

Apr 29, 2024

Trailer brake controllers are essential for safe towing. Whatever you’re hauling, having good brake controllers can help improve your fuel efficiency while keeping you safe on the road. Here’s a quick guide to trailer brake controller basics to help you easily install and maintain your brake controller. What Is a Trailer Brake Controller? Trailer brake […]

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Single-Axle vs. Dual-Axle Trailers

Mar 23, 2022

One of the first factors to consider when investing in a towing unit is whether you need a single- or double-axle trailer. Knowing the differences between these two configurations can help determine which is ideal for your situation. Each trailer type has pros and cons for different applications, but that doesn’t mean one is a […]

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How to Replace Trailer Brakes

Mar 12, 2020

Properly functioning trailer brakes should never be an afterthought. Every trailer owner should grow familiar with the process of checking and installing new braking systems — both for the integrity of your rig and the safety of others on the road. Follow the steps to learn the basics on how to remove and replace your […]

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How to Replace a Trailer Tire

Apr 16, 2019

As the proud owner of a trailer, you know it requires diligent upkeep. And although you can do some of the necessary care and maintenance tasks yourself, in the comfort of your lot or driveway, others require a professional touch and call for you to bring your trailer into the mechanics to get it checked […]

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Things to Know About Trailer Inspections

Jan 22, 2019

Each year, you take your truck or car in for inspection to ensure it’s up to par with safety regulations. Whether you rely on your vehicle for daily commutes or to haul massive loads, it’s never an option to skimp on making sure your brakes, tires and other components are in top condition — and […]

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Routine Trailer Maintenance Tips

Dec 18, 2018

Buying a trailer is a smart investment. Long-term trailer ownership compared to short-term renting has enormous returns, particularly when you use your trailer regularly. When you purchase a trailer, you now have a valuable asset. The best way to protect your investment is through routine trailer maintenance. For that, you could use some helpful tips. […]

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Troubleshooting Trailer Wiring Issues

Nov 20, 2018

You rely on your trailer day in and day out whether you use it for landscaping, construction, farming, hunting, racing or your favorite hobbies. Hauling things like heavy equipment, tools, sports bikes, hunting gear and anything you can put in the back relies on not only a durable trailer but also one that functions safely […]

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Safety Tips for First Time Towers

Mar 15, 2017

  If you went to the trailer store to buy a new or used trailer for a new business or a hobby, like transporting an antique car you restored, you might have questions about towing. If you come to the Trailer Superstore, your salesperson will be able to provide you with a variety of answers […]

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Five Tips for Taking Care of Your Trailer before a Tow

Feb 13, 2017

You take your automobile to the auto shop for oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance issues, right? Of course you do.  A basic maintenance schedule is important to maintain the longevity of an automobile. And if you go on a trip of any kind, you might take it to the shop to make sure […]

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Winter Trailer Storage Tips

Dec 13, 2016

Trailers are an investment you want to last as long as possible. Improper storage is a leading factor that can decrease a trailer’s life span and durability. Winter weather takes its toll on everything, but you don’t want it to cause your trailer to develop rust or leaks. The best way to prevent this is […]

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