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Trailer coupler locks are a simple, small accessory which will make a world of difference for your peace of mind and security. Maybe it’s something you have overlooked and never thought you needed, until you heard a horror story about somebody having their cargo trailer and all of its cargo stolen in a flash with a simple tow-away theft operation. Hopefully it’s never happened to you, but to keep it that way moving forward, it’s time to buy a high quality and secure trailer coupler lock. The Trailer Superstore carries various secure trailer coupler locks for sale to match up with any kind of trailer or rig that you have set up. Don’t let it happen to you — buy a high quality trailer coupler lock today, and call 800.622.7003 for more information.  Prices below are carry-out only – Installation additional.

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What Is a Trailer Lock?

There are many different types of trailer locks and many things to consider when making a purchase — we cover some of them below, and our team is available to answer any more detailed questions by phone or email. However, the general principle behind all trailer locks is the same.

Trailer locks connect your trailer to your vehicle. Though simple in design, they must be made from heavy-duty components to prevent tampering or wear and tear incurred on the road. Different models fit on hitches with different ball sizes — one consideration when buying a trailer lock is to make sure your purchase will work with your hitch. If you are also in need of a hitch we offer several of them for sale.

Why Is a Trailer Lock Important?

The benefits of a hitch lock should be obvious to anyone who owns a trailer. Without one, stealing a trailer is as easy as unhooking it, connecting it to a different vehicle, and driving off. Notoriously, stolen trailers are rarely recovered, in part because there is less scrutiny on the resale market than there is with passenger vehicles, for example.

Even if you’re not overly concerned with theft, why risk it? A trailer lock is an economical upgrade that will protect you and provide peace of mind. Initial costs are low, and installation typically takes no more than a few minutes.

Product Options and Specifications

Not all trailer locks are created equal — when you’re shopping for something for your trailer, it’s worth it to spend a little extra on a quality product. Some things to look for include:

  • Load rating: Like trailer hitches, hitch locks feature class and weight ratings. Make sure yours is appropriate to the load you are hauling.
  • Materials: Look for a quality material that will resist the elements — stainless and nickel-plated steel both offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Cylinder: A lock with a removable cylinder will give you the option of re-keying should you lose your keys, which avoids the expense of replacement.

Available products range from simple designs like our universal trailer hitch locks to heavy-duty coupler systems. Explore our current inventory below or get in touch for assistance.

Trailer Lock Installation

Installing a trailer hitch lock typically doesn’t require any special tools or major modifications to your hitch or trailer. Though it’s an easy job for a DIYer, for a small additional fee, when you buy a trailer lock from All Pro Trailer Superstore, we can take care of the installation for you. Get in touch to request a quote.

When to Replace a Trailer Lock

Trailer locks require little service other than periodic inspections as part of routine preventative maintenance. It’s rare for a lock to wear out prematurely, although extensive exposure to harsh conditions can threaten the integrity and safety of some products. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to buy a new trailer lock, our team would be happy to advise.

Visit us in Mechanicsburg for help, or shop our selection of trailer locks for sale online.

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