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With high quality roof vent covers for trailers, you’ll be able to provide your enclosed trailer with some much needed ventilation and circulation. Plus, you will still be guarding against the elements and all types of weather, so there’s no restrictions on getting that supply of fresh air into what could otherwise be a stuffy, closed environment. The Trailer Superstore offers a variety of different high quality roof vents for trailers. Plus, we handle the installation for you, which is included in the sale price. That makes the process much quicker and more convenient, and makes today the day that you should take action and finally get a new roof vent for your trailer. Browse the available selection of our cargo trailer roof vents here, and call 800.622.7003 for more information.  Prices below are carry-out only – Installation additional.

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Trailer Roof Vents

Trailer roof vents play an essential role in ensuring air circulation and proper ventilation — particularly over a long ride. Many vents feature a manual or automatic on-off switch, which allows you to close them as necessary. Other models feature a built-in fan to encourage better circulation.

Most enclosed trailers come equipped with some form of roof ventilation system. However, if you work with animals or with combustible substances, it may be necessary to upgrade to a more powerful system. Doing so will help ensure safety, prevent mold and mildew buildup, and more.

Trailer Side Vents

Side vents complement roof vents to promote additional airflow when necessary. They also help keep interior temperatures manageable when working on hot days. To maximize circulation, it’s often best to have multiple vents installed at different points along the trailer wall, as this will encourage air to pass through the unit.

Trailer side vents, like roof vents, are generally affordable and easy to install. All Pro Trailer Superstore has several models available and can recommend the best combination of products for your needs.

Trailer Vent Covers

Vent covers install over top of trailer vents, delivering several benefits. Trailer vent covers can:

  • Prevent rain from entering into your trailer, making it possible keep your vents open — and prevent heat and moisture buildup — even in inclement weather
  • Keep pests out, preventing damage to your trailer caused by mice, bugs and other nuisances that might be looking for shelter
  • Allow you to keep vents open during storage, improving airflow and preventing mold and mildew from accumulating when your trailer will be sitting for an extended period

Together, these benefits translate to comfort, convenience and a longer life for your trailer — highly useful advantages from a relatively minor upgrade.

Our Products

All Pro Trailer Superstore carries several options that fit over most standard roof and side vents. MaxxAir products feature the company’s exclusive zero-leak mounting system that delivers a watertight seal when installed on any trailer. High-density polyethylene plastic provides UV protection and superior durability when exposed to the elements. Visit individual product pages for more information, or contact a team member directly to request a quote.


Buying Trailer Vents and Vent Covers

Buy trailer vents and covers from the experts at All Pro Trailer Superstore. We specialize in full-service sales and maintenance for trailers of all makes and models. Most trailer vents and covers are easy to install, though some may require minor modifications to your trailer. In either case, we’d be happy to provide a detailed quote outlining everything that needs to be done and the associated costs.

If you’re unsure whether or not your trailer requires vents or covers, we can provide unbiased advice based on your application. Visit us in Mechanicsburg to speak with one of our technicians directly, or use the form on this page to reach out over email.

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