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Wheel Chocks and Bike Chocks for motorcycles trailersATV trailers, secure your golf carts. Wheel Chocks can be used in garages, trailers, pick up trucks, lift tables and all transport platforms. We have numerous motorcycle Wheel Chock setups to choose from to keep your bike secured for transport or storage. Wheel chocks along with tie-down straps are essential in keeping your expensive motorcycle secure during transportation.

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What Is a Wheel Chock?

Trailer wheel chocks are simple devices designed to help trailers and motorcycles stay in place when parked, idling or in transit. Because not all trailers have conventional brakes, and because motorcycles can tip over if unsupported, wheel chocks are essential to preventing accidents and injuries.

Different tire and wheel sizes require different types of chocks. As a result, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Chocks come in many different configurations, with different material and size options for different wheels.

Explore our inventory of trailer wheel chocks for sale by browsing the products below. Individual product pages contain detailed specs and more information about potential applications. For help choosing the best wheel chock for your trailer, contact All Pro Trailer Superstore directly.

Options and Upgrades

Many trailer wheel chocks feature a wedge-shaped design, made from rubber, urethane or a similar material. While these simple chocks are good enough for securing smaller trailers and lighter loads, upgrading to a floor-mounted metal chock can be a smart investment.

Metal chocks hold a trailer or motorcycle wheel more securely, making them a better choice for safety and peace of mind. Install one in your garage to hold a trailer, or in the trailer itself to hold a bike. The most advanced models feature stainless steel construction for all-weather use, as well as built-in locking mechanisms and adjustable arms.

Benefits of Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks help keep your trailer secure when parked and your bike safe while in transit. This, in turn:

  • Protects your investment: A trailer or bike is a big purchase — the right chock helps prevent easily avoidable damage, saving you money, extending the life of your equipment and avoiding the hassle of repairs.
  • Prevents accidents: Of course, when a trailer or bike comes loose, it’s more than your wallet that’s at stake. Trailer chocks play a role in maintaining safety and preventing accidents, injuries and other potential liabilities.
  • Give you peace of mind: A trailer wheel chock is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind alone. With the right product from All Pro Trailer Superstore, you’ll never have to worry about your trailer or bike coming loose.

Different wheel chocks offer different specific benefits — some are better for bikes, and some are better for trailers. If you need help deciding, contact our headquarters directly.

Replacement and Maintenance

A high-quality stainless steel wheel chock from All Pro Trailer Superstore can be counted on for years of use. However, due to the role they play in safety and security, it’s important to know when to replace an aging chock and take action accordingly.

Rust, physical damage and other wear and tear can all affect a chock’s performance. If you’re unsure whether or not a chock is safe to use, bring it down to our service department and let one of our team members take a look. We’d be happy to give you our opinion and, if necessary, to recommend a suitable replacement.

Central PA’s Trailer Experts

All Pro Trailer Superstore is a leading national supplier of trailers and trailer accessories. We have a carefully chosen selection of reliable trailer wheel chocks for sale, all of which offer excellent value for your purchasing dollar.

Shop online for fast shipping anywhere in the world. Alternately, if you’re in Central PA, visit our Mechanicsburg headquarters for in-person assistance.

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